Cat Eye Glasses: A Brief History and How to Rock Them!

Cat Eye Glasses: A Brief History and How to Rock Them!

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As soon as the cat-eye glasses trend started to take off a few years ago, people everywhere were scrambling to find the perfect pair. But what are cat eye glasses, and where did they come from? You can find the answer to everything in this article.

What are cat-eye glasses?

Cat eye glasses are a retro and vintage style of eyewear. These glasses are reminiscent of browline frames, but with a rounded edge at the temples or ears in the framework.

Where did cat eye glasses come from?

In the 1930s, when the Italian-born Altina Schinasi walked into the optician's store, she noticed a shortcoming: It was difficult to find stylish eyewear for women. Inspired by Venetian masquerade masks she saw in Venice, Italy, Schinasi designed frames with striking, over-sized frames that emphasized the eyes.

Why are they called cat-eye glasses?

They became known as cat-eye glasses because the way their flair at the top resembled that of a cat's eye. These spectacles became a hit among various demographics by the '50s because of this striking frame silhouette.

What does cat-eye glasses say about you?

Anyone who's familiar with fashion knows that a cat-eye look means that girl may have confidence in her makeup and most importantly, herself. With this in mind, it is not surprising that cat-eye glasses are also known as the eyewear equivalent of a wink. With such vibrant frames, you're sure to get lots of eye and attention. So why not wear them with confidence? You'll radiate beauty.

What is cat-eye glasses good for?

Opt for more angular cat-eye glasses in order to draw attention away from the rounded cheeks or a full face. An oversized, angular frame, or one that is thicker, will frame a round face nicely.

What face shape do cat-eye glasses look good on?

Cat-eyed glasses look good on round, square and triangular faces since their pleasantly-shaped frame fit the features. They are also available in many styles and colors, making it a great choice for many people.

Do cat-eye glasses look good on round faces?

Cat-eye glasses with open frames can be flattering for round faces so long as you select square-shaped frames, rather than rounder shapes. Generally, square cat-eye frames that feature a crease on the temple along the classic cat-eye placement will highlight your round features.

Are cat-eye glasses good for oval faces?

If you find yourself with an oval or heart-shaped face, you are very lucky and most frame shapes will suit you! But to let your features shine through, a cat eye frame that is more softer with the width of a 1960s model would be best.

Do cat eye glasses look good on everyone?

Some people think that cat-eye glasses can look bold and do not fit everyone's face shape. That is absolutely incorrect! There is a cat-eye style that will work for everyone.

Who should wear cat-eye glasses?

Cat-eye glasses have been around as long as the 1940s, so they definitely have an old-school look. They're most often worn by women, though some cat-eye-inspired frames are available to men as well.

Are cat-eye glasses flattering?

Recognized for their flattering fit and elegant style, cat eye glasses are one of one of the most popular eyewear shapes for both women and men.

Are cat eye glasses still in style?

Cat-eye glasses continue to be in fashion in both academic and business environments. Geometric cat-eye glasses are a huge craze this year. They can amplify your features and highlight your face. They are a great shape to wear with your hair down.


In conclusion, cat eye glasses are a fun and flirty style that has a rich history. They are perfect for a sophisticated and stylish look. They can be worn for any occasion, and can add some serious glamour to any outfit. If you are looking for a new pair of glasses, consider cat eye glasses.