How To Fix Scratched Sunglass Lens? Top 13 Hacks

Sunglasses are frequently scratched during use. For wearers, a scratch on eyeglasses may be as irritating as having something in the eyes. 

What seems to be a tiny streak can quickly become a part of lenses and block your vision. On the other hand, replacing them is not cheap. So how to fix a scratched sunglass lens?

Are you curious to find out how to fix a scratched sunglass lens? And do you want to save money by using objects around the house or simply designing tools for yourself? Here is a list of the items needed to fix in 13 different ways; let’s explore!

Method 1: Mixing Baking Soda With Water

Baking soda is composed of alkaline characteristics; it is ideal for removing acidic residues and returning your lenses to their initial standard. 

With an abrasion rating of only 7 RDA, baking soda is also a highly safe solution to use on your lenses. Combine baking soda with water to have a thickened mixture that can erase scratches from the lens. 

The amount of water and baking soda you need to use is primarily determined by the size and number of scratches on your eyewear.

Method 2: Using Toothpaste

how to fix scratched sunglass lens

Spread toothpaste over your lenses, rub it gently in to eliminate scratches, and then thoroughly wipe the sunglasses. 

However, if the scratches are more profound, you may need to repeat the procedure 4 to 5 times. Keep in mind not to put too much power on the lenses; or else, you will unintentionally pop them out.

While this method may help, it is critical to remember that you need to use non-abrasive, non-whitening, non-minty toothpaste, non-gel, or the scratch may worsen.

Method 3: Using Car Polish Or Wax

Use low-abrasive metal polish to buff away at each scratch. Scrub the wax or polish gently on the scratch in circular motions with a microfiber cloth or water. Then get rid of the polish from your lens with another soft dry cloth.

It may also be able to minimize the debris that has become stuck to the sunglasses. If your sunglasses seem blurry or worse than before, you may have unintentionally applied tinted wax.

However, this tip is only effective on mirrored sunglasses with minor surface scratches.

Method 4: Using Vinegar

Do you know that using vinegar can make your glasses look brighter and more apparent?

This approach is quite similar to using water and baking soda. However, if you have plastic eyeglasses, replace the water with vinegar for a better outcome. 

Method 5: Mixing Alcohol With A Non-Abrasive Product

Avoid applying alcohol straight on your glasses. Instead, combining alcohol with a gentle non-abrasive substance and wiping the glasses with a microfiber cloth is an excellent alternative. 

Yet, this method is simple yet rather costly overall.

Method 6: Using Glasses Cleaning Spray

Cleaning sprays can also assist in efficiently removing scratches from your lenses. All you have to do is one or two strokes of this spray on your sunglasses. It's essential to make sure the spray you choose is mild and devoid of ammonia.

Method 7: Using Liquid Dishwashing Soap

In this 7th way, you can begin by adding dishwashing liquid to your sunglasses and cleaning the glass with lukewarm water. Next, wait a few minutes for the lens to dry. 

Gently wipe the sunglasses lenses with a soft glass cleaning cloth to see if your scratched sunglass lenses become normal or not. 

Method 8: Using Sunscreen

This hack works for lenses with mirror coatings. However, it will only work if your scratch is in the mirrored part of your lenses. 

Sunscreen does not repair scratched sunglasses; instead, it destroys the scratched covering. The disadvantage is that you cannot apply a spot treatment this way.

Method 9: Using The Baby Oil Or Wash

Some people find that using this product as a mild polish for scratches or cracks works well. You can use a baby wash as a liquid to wipe glass scratches.

Rub a tiny dot into the lens to eliminate the scratch, then thoroughly rinse your glasses with water to remove any residual residue. To avoid damage, be sure that you only use the microfiber cloth to clean the lenses. 

Method 10: Using Sandpaper

Sandpaper is not a popular trick, and will never be our utmost suggestion. However, if the only thing you care about is getting rid of the scrape, not the efficiency of your lens, this suggestion may work.

Dabbing sandpaper slightly in water, then sand with light pressure the entire scratched area of the lens. Although sandpaper can remove scratches from your glasses permanently, this approach is time-consuming.

Method 11: Using Glass Etching Cream

If none of the following home items work, try a glass etching product. Of course, this is only effective on plastic lenses, which are most often seen in prescription and reading glasses these days. 

Glass etching wax, cotton swabs, and rubber gloves are essential materials. Glass etching cream contains an active component, hydrofluoric acid, which helps dissolve the exterior layer on the plastic and buff away at the scratch.

Putting it on for over 5 minutes results in a harmful outcome to the lens. Then, you use water to remove all the wax and a cotton cloth to wipe your glasses.

Method 12: Cigarette Ash

Cigarette ash may also be used to eliminate scratches on eyeglasses. To begin with, apply some ash to the lens and gently massage it. After a while, wash off the ash. If needed, repeat the process once.

Keep your mind, do not utilize the ash from a cigarette that has been ignited.

Method 13: Buy Scratch Removal Kit

The final option to your question: “how to fix scratched sunglass lens” is to visit an eye specialist and acquire a scratch removal kit. An optical specialist can tell you the best equipment to use or give professional help to fill the scratches.

In some cases, if your sunglasses lenses have been scratched for an extended period and the scratches are more profound in the lens, you have no alternative but to acquire a new pair of sunglasses.

Final Words

While these approaches are excellent temporary solutions, they are not a long-term answer. Besides, if it does not work, consult an ophthalmologist for further assistance.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you have reached thorough information about the topic - how to fix a scratched sunglass lens. If you find this helpful information, please forward it to others.

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