How To Not Lose Sunglasses - Simple Tips For Forgetful People

People need sunglasses to block the damage of sun exposure on their eyes every day. But the fact is that some frequently lose them, and gradually they’re tired of finding them. 

Lose - find - replace and then lose again! It seems to be a never-ending story if you are in the same situation, congrats! You’re on the right page!

Our writing on how to not lose sunglasses will indicate some methods to resolve your matter. Scroll down to explore more.

Purchase A Neck Cord

how to not lose sunglasses

One of the most simple ways to always keep your sun spectacles by your side is using the lanyard. If your work requires you to move constantly to many places, wearing a pair of small-cord glasses will be more convenient than ever.

Don't worry that the cord can ruin your outfit, as they are now very on-trend for various fashionable designs! This can help you minimize throwing them down haphazardly and avoid the risk of mashing them as well.

Some of the cord kinds we highly offer for you are soft neoprene, traditional leather, or beaded chains. You can change them every day to make your outfit look less boring.

Use A Eyeglass Case 

Using a case is one of the simple ways not to misplace your glasses. Not only is it easy to carry, but it also protects the shades from getting scratched or broken.

These glass boxes are ordinarily bulky and large, making them easily attract attention when put in a bag or vehicle. There are two shell types (soft form and hard form) with a wide variety of colors that you can choose from what you prefer. 

Yet, consider using a case with a bright color to make it stand out among your other items!

Attach The Sunglasses With An Important Item

If you still forget the shades frequently, that could be because you do not consider them as an essential item. If so, let’s keep them with the belongings that you can't live without, such as car keys, wallet, smartphone, or watch. In this way, you will never forget about their presence and leave them behind.

Integrate Intelligence Device For The Sunglasses

Apply the technology in finding your glasses - Sounds interesting, right? Nowadays, many devices connect Bluetooth, appearing to assist people in following their items.

Stand out among them is LOOK! Instead of time-consuming, now, just stick it on the arm of your dark eyewear. After that, turn on the app connected to your smartphone! This unit will support locating where your dark glasses are most exactly.

Brain Training By Whispering 

It must have been a surprise when you first heard about this, right? It’s similar to the way of muttering under the breath. Whenever there is no need to wear the shades, you take them off with some whispers.

For instance, when you are on the subway and then put your glasses in your pocket, say “bags have shades” one to two times! Or, if you plan to go to sleep, let's say "glasses on the top shelf" before closing your eyes. During this procedure, your brain will mark this event naturally. Then, it helps you to retrace easily.

No Arbitrarily Put The Shades Down 

Another cause leading to your sunglasses' disappearance is that you randomly set them down in a place where you also do not feel familiar. This means your action is not in your awareness. So, losing them is an obvious result.

One little trick is to lay them in areas you often go to and fro, which easily catch insight like the top of the shoe shelf near the door. Yet, avoid places such as the kitchen countertop or TVs shelves because it is very likely that someone will accidentally crush your glasses.

If you intend to go to the movie theater or your friend's houses, we advise you to leave them at home or in your car. This way can be annoying for you when the sun shines in your eyes. But it can help you prevent forgetting or breaking them. 

Find A Place For Your Sunglasses

As we said above, the loss of your spectacles is as you have no idea where to put them. If you want to stop wasting your time and money anymore, you have to choose a “home” for them.

Believe us! These little things like sun spectacles or door keys are less at risk of losing if they have a "home" to belong to.

That means every time you do not use them, find a safe space to hold them, such as on your working desk, in a drawer in the ceiling of the vehicle, etc. On the whole, put them anywhere you can think right after you realize that they're not in your hands.

Be Consistent In Your Habits

The home you pick for your eyewear will be useless if you still throw them randomly. So, make a habit of returning them to their original “home” when they are not in use! 

In the long run, it will become the thing you do even without thinking of it, just as you always brush your teeth, wear clothes and then drive your car to work each day. Maybe it takes time, but if you are consistent, your life will be easier.

Make The Frames Glow In The Dark 

Because your sunglasses are often dark colors, it is quite hard to grope them once lost, especially at night. Let us show you one more creative way to keep your shades - Cover a layer of glow-in-the-dark paint on the frame!

You need to purchase this compound at a chemical store first and then put on a glove. Next, apply a little amount on both temples of the glasses! Wait until it dries completely! 

Now, whenever you can't find them, let's turn off the light. This paint layer will promote its use to show where your shades are.

Bottom Line

In short, many causes make you lose your eyewear. You might drop or put them somewhere and even give someone to borrow them that you cannot remember.

So, how to not lose sunglasses? Let's have brain training, practice habits, or buy necessary accessories never to repeat this situation. We hope that our sharing somehow can help you improve your daily life. And remember to stay tuned to update more useful posts!

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