How To Pop Out Sunglasses Lenses

How To Pop Out Sunglasses Lenses: A Step-by-step Guide

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Sometimes, eyeglass frames outlast their lenses, leaving us with the dilemma of wanting new lenses in our beloved frames. Alternatively, you may seek a fresh look by transferring lenses to a new pair. Whatever the case, learning how to remove sunglasses lenses without damaging them is a valuable skill. This guide'll walk you through the steps to ensure a smooth process.

How To Pop Out Lenses From Sunglasses

  1. Inspect the Frame-Lens Interaction: Examine your glasses to discern how the frames secure the lenses. Some frames feature snap-in lenses, while others hold adjustable lenses with small screws on both sides.
  2. Prepare for Disassembly: Armed with a small screwdriver, gently remove the screws from both sides of the frames. These screws typically reside at the upper junction of the earpieces and the frames.
  3. Protect Your Glasses: Place a folded towel beneath your glasses before you begin. This precaution will cushion any accidental drops and safeguard your eyewear.
  4. Applying Gentle Pressure: If your frames lack screws, softly press the back of both lenses near the upper edge of the frame. This strategic pressure from the back, facing your eyes, prompts the lenses to pop out from the frame's groove.
  5. Optional Heat Assistance: Consider employing a hairdryer if the lenses don't pop out effortlessly. Warm the frames for about 5 minutes to facilitate lens removal. Once heated, apply gentle pressure from the back, encouraging the lenses to slide out without resistance.

Precision and Care: The Key to Successful Lens Removal

Removing sunglasses lenses demands precision and a steady hand. The goal is to ensure a smooth lens transition without damaging them or the frames. Whether upgrading your lenses or seeking a style transformation, following these steps will help you achieve a successful lens removal.


Learning how to pop out sunglasses lenses is a practical skill that enables you to revamp your eyewear effortlessly. Following the abovementioned steps, you can confidently remove your lenses while protecting them and your frames from potential damage. Whether embracing a new prescription or rejuvenating your style, safely removing sunglasses lenses empowers you to make the most of your eyewear collection.