How to Pop Out Sunglasses Lenses? - The Most Detailed Guide

Have you ever left your sunglasses behind, only to realize the sun had been reflecting off of them and causing a glare? Or maybe they're just looking ancient and worn out. Either way, we've got the answer for how to pop out sunglasses lenses

Read on for more information on what you'll need and how to replace those old lenses with new ones without damaging them!

how to pop out sunglasses lenses

Method 1: Unscrew The Hinge

Step 1: Set The Sunglasses With Wings Open On A Flat Surface

Once you have the glasses with wings open on a flat surface, look at their corners. You may notice that there are two pieces fastened together around each lens: one is an earpiece and another set of metal bars/rims (AKA racket).

You may have found that your frames are not removable, and this could be due to a hinge embedded in the frame. If so, skip the following step!

In case your glasses have the earpieces attached with screws to their hinge, with a solid plastic framework that houses both lens and hinge, jump to the second method!

If the hinges are fastened to the frame with screws, move on to the next step!

Step 2: Remove The Screw-Fastener

The side of your lens is the only thing that needs to be removed for repairs. Use a small head screwdriver from an eyeglass repair kit for this task, and only do it once per lens unless you want both sides replaced at once!

Using your hand or the help of a friend will be helpful when bracing these frames, as they are quite light!

It's always a good idea to know which way the screws are oriented on your fastener before starting any project. Most of them will be right-handed—that is, turning them clockwise tightens and counter-clockwise loosens.

Once you've got the screw out, carefully place it aside. If you're like us and lose things easily, then be sure to affix that in a piece of sticky tape before setting it on top so as not to miss any! You might also want to use some packing containers from your kit for temporary storage.

Step 3: Push The Lenses Out Of The Frame

The frame of the sunglasses should now be separated from its hinges. If not, give the lens an extra push, and it should pop right off!

For those who have to skip the step of removing the screw from hinges, remember that grabbing onto either of its wings will put extra stress and potentially damage both! Thus, make sure that you do not grab onto either of its wings when you're trying to remove them. Use your two thumbs to hold the frame!

Be sure the sunglasses are not sitting high off of whatever surface you're working on. Otherwise, they may slip while pushing slowly on the lens’s back till it falls off. 

Once you get your lens out, make sure to have a soft-lined but still hard case for carrying them until you decide what to do with them after this.

Step 4: Screw The Hinge Back Together

Don't forget to put the hinge back together when you're done. This will help avoid frame damage and make it less likely that your original fastener will get lost in all those screws!

Make sure the frame and wing meet at their hinges. The magnetic screwdriver tip from the eyeglass kit is perfect for mating these pieces together or lining up properly when screws are missing entirely!

When tightening the screws on your frame, you should always start with a clockwise motion. Hold them together at the hinge while completing the process with your kit screwdriver.

Method 2: Directly Pop-Out Sunglasses Lenses

This method will works if your glasses have the earpieces attached with screws to their hinge, with a solid plastic framework that houses both lens and hinge:

Step 1: Soak The Sunglasses In Lukewarm Water

Soaking your sunglasses in lukewarm water will allow for easy and painless lenses removal, avoid hot temperatures that may damage your sunglasses frames.

The warmth of the water warms up and softens any rigid plastic materials, making it easier for you to remove your lenses without worrying about breaking or damaging anything.

Step 2: Press On The Edges Of The Lenses

Once two minutes had passed, holding onto the frame tight while applying pressure at their edges (across both sides) until all signs indicate successful lenses loosen!

If you hear a cracking sound, then your lenses have successfully loosened from their frame. It is safer to exert pressure at the edges of your lenses than try and remove them all in one go.

Step 3: Remove Lenses From The Frame And Examine The Frame For Damages

Once the lenses have been loosened from their frame, gently push on them for complete removal. 

It is important to check the frame of your sunglasses after removing lenses, check for cracks or damage on it that was caused by the removal process.

Regardless of your purpose when removing the lenses from their frame, all processes require care and patience!


So, how to pop out sunglasses lenses? - There are two methods to do it!

The first way to pop out sunglasses lenses is by unscrewing the hinge. Once you’ve removed the screws, remove any rubber or plastic that may be holding it in place and then replace them after you finish popping out your lens. 

Another option for removing a lens from your glasses is by using a small screwdriver to pry up on one side of the frame until they start coming loose carefully. In order for this method to work properly, make sure not to use too much pressure as there are thin metal pieces underneath each arm of the frame that can easily break!

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