How To Wear Sunglasses Stylishly

How To Wear Sunglasses Stylishly: 10 Tips For A Cool Look

Looking stylish while wearing sunglasses is more than choosing the right pair. It's also about knowing how to wear them in a way that complements your outfit and enhances your overall look.

In this post, we will share ten tips on wearing sunglasses stylishly, from choosing the right frame shape for your face to matching your shades with the occasion. Following these simple guidelines, you can elevate any outfit with a cool and sophisticated touch. So let's get started!

Determine Which Glasses Best Suit Your Face

When it comes to sunglasses, it's not a one-size-fits-all situation. Every face is unique and deserves a pair of shades that complement its shape. But finding the right fit isn't just about aesthetics - comfort is key if you plan on wearing them for extended periods in the sun.

First, prioritize sunglasses that fit snugly without slipping down your nose or putting unnecessary pressure on your forehead or bridge. This will ensure maximum comfort and make sure they stay put during any outdoor activities.

Another factor to consider is the arms - make sure they're comfortable and won't dig into your ears after hours of wear. And remember frame size! A properly sized pair will prevent light from creeping in at the top and sides, ensuring optimal visibility while protecting from harmful UV rays.

So take some time to find a pair that checks all these boxes - trust us, your eyes (and face) will thank you!

Get a Frame Design That Fits Your Needs

Your purpose for wearing sunglasses is crucial in deciding which one to go for. If you're going on a long drive or spending the day at the beach, classic aviators with glare protection are an excellent choice.

For sportswear, rectangular frames are more suitable. If you're aiming for a high-fashion look, cat-eye sunglasses, with their universally flattering shape, will complement your outfit perfectly.

Complement Your Outfit With a Dash of Color to Your Frame

After discovering your ideal frame, it's time to delve into the world of color! Unleash your creativity with playfully patterned frames, or opt for a striking solid block color that will make heads turn and excite any outfit.

Remember to coordinate your shades with tinted lenses too! Choose from popular hues like amber, blue, and green, or keep it classic with timeless silver mirrored lenses. It's all about expressing yourself while adding some flair to your look.

Minimize Accessories When Wearing Sunglasses

When you slip on a pair of sunglasses, it is important to remember that less is more. Although the temptation might be to accessorize your look with bold jewelry and statement-making makeup, these extras can detract from your sunnies' beauty.

Instead, try to keep accessories to a minimum to make your sunglasses stand out as the show's star. A simple necklace or bracelet paired with a timeless lip color will draw attention back where it belongs: on those stylish shades!

Try Different Shapes

When it comes to eyewear, your flair, and attitude are key. It's all about what suits you best: oversized shades for a classic Hollywood feel, funky heart or butterfly frames for a playful edge, slim sunglasses that exude confidence, or avant-garde designs that showcase your unique style. The possibilities are endless!

Put Them on Your Heads

Looking for the perfect spot to stash your shades when they're not on your face? Look no further than resting them atop your head! This stylish solution not only adds a chic touch to your overall look, it also feels natural and is especially ideal for plastic frames without nose pads that can get tangled in your hair.

However, be mindful that depositing sunglasses amongst hair products may cause damage, and if you wear them on top of your head for extended periods, you risk stretching out the arms.

Hook Glasses Onto Your Shirt

We're not proposing that draping sunglasses on shirt collars is the latest fad. Yet, on sunny days, sporting a casual men's t-shirt exudes an effortless and smooth style. This trend isn't limited to men only- women can quickly adopt this look by pairing their tops with blouses, V-necks, or cami tops.

And for those wondering where to stash your shades while suited up, try slipping them into the external breast pocket for a perfect mix of sophisticated and laid-back vibes.

Use a Neck Strap or Lanyard

Do you often find yourself misplacing your sunglasses and having to backtrack to retrieve them? If yes, this is the perfect solution for you!

For those who love fashion, lanyards are a great choice. They come in varying lengths and can be customized to suit your style. On the other hand, neck straps are ideal for people on-the-go or for those engaging in sports activities as they provide practicality and ease of movement.

Remember to Always Protect Your Eyes

While it might not seem like a style tip, it's crucial to understand how and when to wear sunglasses without putting your eyes at risk. To ensure your lenses shield you from hazardous rays, look for labels indicating "100% UV Protection" or "100% UVA and UVB Protection."

While looking fashionable is important, it's paramount to prioritize safety over aesthetics. If the pair of glasses you desire doesn't offer proper protection against the sun's harmful glare, keep searching until you find a suitable pair to safeguard your eyes while still looking stylish.

Suit It Up

Achieve that classic 'Don Draper' cool by pairing your sunglasses with a sharp collared shirt. This timeless combination exudes effortless style and sophistication. Ladies can elevate their look by accessorizing with an elegant scarf or professional dress paired with metal aviators for a polished, fashionable appearance.

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