Keeping Glasses From Slipping - 10 Simple Ways To Do So!

Keeping glasses from slipping ways

When you need to wear your glasses, it's frustrating when they slip down your nose. You can avoid this issue by using one of these ten simple ways to keep glasses from slipping

So whether you've got a limited budget or are looking for some more stylish options, here are the top hacks on how not to have an oops moment with slipping eyeglasses! Read on!

Why Do Glasses Keep Falling?

Did you know that your face shape is one of the most important elements to consider when buying glasses? Your prescription will likely change with every new pair. It's also possible for them not to fit properly, so make sure they are right the first time around. 

If you're noticing that your goggles are getting looser, there might be a few reasons why:

  1. Slimmer face
  2. Oily skin
  3. Frames that are too heavy or too wide
  4. Your nose bridge may be too narrow to accommodate your glasses.
  5. Your frames' arms may come into contact with your ears at an inconvenient angle.

10 Simple Ways To Keep Glasses From Slipping

It's frustrating when your goggles keep slipping and falling. Luckily, many hacks can help you prevent your eyeglasses from sliding down.

1. Eyewear Bands

Band eyewear is perfect for those who love to be active. Not only does this accessory ensure your glasses stay put, but it also prevents any marks on the frames from creeping onto other parts of the face or clothing.

Eyewear bands are made with an adjustable length to fit your head and neck, which means they won't bother you. Moreover, eyewear bands can be comfortably worn while doing sports or any other activity where goggles might slip off. Mainly because these types of activities don't require as much focus on the eyes themselves.

The only shortcoming is that these bands are uncomfortable to wear during sports. However, this issue rarely occurs since most people wear their specs at work, so there's no need for sport-related action.

2. Glasses Chains

Ever considered the benefits of glass chains for your eyewear? It's time to get creative. Not only will they help you keep a hold of them, but these special goggles cords are great if wearing reading specs. 

The chain provides an extra grip when putting them on or taking off. It also brings easy reach in any situation without risking losing anything at all. How awesome is that?

3. Frame Tightening

If you're looking for a quick fix that will help your eyewear mission, then get them tightened at an optical shop. Most of the time, this process prevents glasses from falling, and it can also prevent soreness in certain spots like behind the temples or nose areas. 

So while it's true that you can get goggles to adjust the tightness of your frames, this option may not always be convenient. You will have to return every few months for adjustments which could prove costly if they're done often enough or take too much time out-of-pocket.  

4. Eye Shadow Primer

You've probably heard about the eye shadow primer trick before, and it's a great hack to prevent any slips. 

Apply your favorite color on top of whatever foundation or concealer you're using as an underlayer for flawless application. This technique is similar to wearing nose pads when bifocals aren't available - so don't forget those.

This hack is a temporary solution, but it will keep your glasses from slipping off the bridge of your nose. The bad news? You have to do this every day for them not to fall.

5. Stick-On Nose Pads

Sometimes, you need something really simple to make life easier. If your goggles are bothering the tip of the nose and making it difficult for them to stay on all day long, then this is an excellent solution. It can be applied in two ways:

  1. Insert a pair of rubber pieces into your glasses' nose pads.
  2. Pick a good pair of bifocals that already have rubberized nose pads.

No matter which of the two options you go with, they will make your head feel steady and better. The added resistance from the nose pads will help you feel more stable, and it'll be easier for push-ups since they won't slip as easily.

For some people, the stick-on nose pads are uncomfortable and may fall off. For others with better quality goggles, they might stay put for months or even years at a time.

6. Wax Coating

To keep your glasses from slipping, use the wax coating. 

You can apply it on the nose pad area and temples to contact skin with a cloth or sponge for best results. It may seem funny at first, but when you think about how this will prevent accidents in school/workplace, it's not such an over-the-top idea anymore.

7. Rubber Bands and Hair Ties

If you find your glasses slipping off while wearing them, put your bifocals on a hair tie and rubber band to keep them secure. It's better than nothing at all. 

The cost of this method is low, but there's a disadvantage if the fit isn't right. It'll be hard to adjust their position.

8. Cable Temples

Another good way to prevent eyeglasses from slipping is by choosing frames with the cable temple. They are curved temples that have structural support at their lower ends, making them perfect for gripping onto your ears and eyes without being too bulky or obtrusive in appearance.

Many people are aware of the discomfort of wearing bifocals, but few know how to avoid them. A cable hook design will place pressure on your ears by pressing them against their hinges and causing pain after long periods of use. 

To prevent this from happening, make sure you adjust them so they're neither too tight nor loose with natural curves.

9. Anchor Tips

To keep your eyewear on, it's important to invest in a pair of durable and comfortable frames. You won't have any issues adjusting or removing these types of tips because they're made from acetate material, allowing easy heating with an iron. 

If your bifocals don't stay in place, the adjustable anchor tips provide a soft and high friction constant elastomer that uses both resistance to prevent them from slipping. There is also an added cushion loop where your temple tip touches my ears for comfort.

10. Silicone Ear Hooks

For those searching for the perfect solution to keep their eyeglasses from sliding down, silicone ear hooks are an ideal favorite. They can be used by anyone and provide many benefits, including being waterproof and durable for months at a time without getting too greasy or dirty on your face. 

Final Thoughts

You'll be surprised that keeping glasses from slipping is so simple. It's just a matter of finding out which type you need and then putting in some trial and error before you know what works best for your face shape, style preferences, etc. 

We hope that these hacks will help with keeping those specs in place!

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