What Are Belay Glasses

What Are Belay Glasses and Are They Worth It?

Climbing is not only a physical pursuit but a mental challenge as well. Belayers, the unsung heroes of rock climbing, ensure the safety and success of climbers. However, their dedication often comes at the cost of neck strain and discomfort. This is where belay glasses step in. In this guide, we'll explore the world of belay glasses, their benefits, and why they are a game-changer for belayers and climbers.

What Are Belay Glasses?

Belay glasses are eyeglasses equipped with prismatic lenses, primarily employed by belayers in rock climbing. Their purpose is to mitigate the neck strain commonly linked to belaying.

Belay glasses are a remarkable innovation that relieves belayers in the form of prismatic lenses. These specialized eyeglasses are a boon for those who belay in rock climbing.

Are Belay Glasses Worth It?

Imagine belaying without straining your neck - it's more than a dream with belay glasses. Even on gentle inclines, neck strain can accumulate and hinder your belaying experience. As the terrain becomes steeper, the discomfort intensifies, and in severe cases, the belayer's neck can lead to injury.

Belayers who don't use belay glasses often gaze away from the climber to reduce neck pain. However, this compromise can result in less responsive belaying, potentially jeopardizing the climber's safety.

Belay glasses are not just about personal comfort but also ensuring a safer and more attentive belay.

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