What Sunglasses Were Popular In The 80s

What Sunglasses Were Popular In The 80s? A Retro Look

The 1980s was the era of trying new things to stand out and be unique. People were not shy about taking fashion risks, which led to funky, bold, and loud accessories becoming popular. One such accessory that gained popularity during this time was sunglasses.

This article will look at some of the most popular sunglasses from the 80s that are still trending today. These unisex sunglasses add just the right amount of drama to any outfit.

White Framed Sunglasses: An All-Year-Round Pick

If you want something between bizarre neon tones and bland brown frames, white-framed sunglasses are arguably one of the most popular styles from the 80s. Not only do they offer a calming influence, but they also go nicely with almost any ensemble. Available in various styles ranging from cat-eye to sweet-heart, these shades have been donned by celebrities like Emma Roberts.

Triangle Frame Sunglasses: Edgy And Punk

Those who want an edgier vibe like Billie Eilish's style or Zoe Kravitz's cover shoots can consider investing in triangular-shaped frames reminiscent of the punk fashion in the '80s. Wear these shades to get noticed! They work well with casual attire as well as boho clothes.

Clubmaster Sunglasses: Minimal But Chic

Bruce Willis donned Clubmaster sunglasses on Moonlighting in the '80s sparking people’s interest in browline glasses because their upper rim is made of thick plastic (similar to wayfarers) while using thinner metal for its bottom section - giving it its distinct look without being too wild or larger than life.

Neon Sunglasses: Make A Statement 

Neon-colored clothing items were all the rage during this period, so would it complete your retro wardrobe without a pair of neon sunnies? These shades have been endorsed by celebrities like Cyndi Lauper, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna. Don't worry about looking silly with them on--they add a splash of color to your overall look.

Wayfarer Sunglasses: Classic And Timeless

The Wayfarer sunglasses were predominant in the 1950s and 1960s but experienced a resurgence in popularity when they were donned by actors like Tom Cruise and Don Johnson in the '80s. They are still considered high-fashion items that go well with formal or beach attire.

Wrap-Around Sunglasses: Functional Yet Stylish

Initially made for athletes due to their durability and wrap-around design, which provides greater coverage from sun exposure during strenuous activities such as athletic training. But because of its cool style - popularized by Bono, it has become a fashionable accessory for everyone today!

Aviator Sunglasses: A Classic Look

Developed for pilots during World War I who needed protection from the sun while flying planes, these spectacles later gained attention from non-pilots too! Aviator sunglasses became even more popular in the '80s thanks to celebs like Tom Cruise and David Soul donning them.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses: Boost Your Confidence

If you want a pair of sunglasses that will boost your confidence, make you feel comfortable, highlight your features, and get you many compliments, consider owning cat-eye sunglasses. They've been famous since Michelle Pfeiffer featured them in Scarface during the 1980s.

Final Take

These styles are timeless, so whether it's summer or winter season, there’s no excuse not to wear any one (or all!) of these iconic pieces.

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