Why Are My Glasses Always Smudged

Why Are My Glasses Always Smudged? [Expert Answer]

Why Are My Glasses Always Smudged?

The most common reason why your glasses always smudged is touching your lens with unclean fingers. When cleaning your glasses, always remember to avoid contact with the lenses. Oils on your hands may get to the lenses and cause your glasses to smudged, so stay away from them if possible.

How to Clean Smudges Off of Glasses Without Scratching the Lenses?

To clean smudges off of glasses without scratching the lenses, using the right fabric to rub your lenses is crucial. 

It may be quick and simple to clean your glasses with your shirt or a paper towel; using those rough materials can generate extra smudges, scratches, or even damage your lens. And, unlike smudges where you can wipe them off, when the lens is damaged, they'll need to be replaced so you need to be extra careful there.

The optimal solution, which are eyeglass care and lens cleaning kits, are sold at most optical stores. But, if you don't have specialty wipes, soft cotton fabric can be used to wipe off your glasses' smudges.

How Do I Stop My Glasses From Smudging?

To stop your glasses from smudging, you can try the following steps:

  1. Always rinse your glasses first
  2. Try dishwashing liquid to clean your glasses
  3. Clean your glasses thoroughly
  4. Rinse your glasses and let it dry
  5. Store them in your case when not using

Why Do My Glasses Get Smudged When I Clean Them?

Most of the time, the reason why your glasses get smudged when you clean them is fingerprints. You touch the glasses throughout your day and substances like dust and dirt accumulate over the course of the day. Inevitably, dirt builds up through regular use and there's very little we can do to prevent it except cleaning the glasses thoroughly.

Why Do My Glasses Get Smudged When I Don’t Touch Them?

Your glasses get smudged even when you don't touch them because your face contains more sebaceous glands than most other places on your body, up to 6,000 per square inch. When your glasses rest on your face, the bridge of the nose and the back of the ear get greased up, thus making your glasses get smudged easily.

Do Anti Glare Glasses Smudge So Easily?

Anti-glare eyeglasses can get smudged easily like other eyewear. You'll still need to clean them daily to help increase their lifespan.

Are There Glasses That Don’t Smudge?

Anti smudging lenses have specially treated surfaces that protect against fingerprints and smudges, so they are a must-have for people that use glasses regularly. These lenses ensure that they remain clear without you rubbing them with a handkerchief or microfiber cloth constantly throughout the day.

Is Anti Smudge Coating Worth It?

Anti-smudge coating is definitely worth the cost. People can use glasses regularly without worrying about fingerprints and smudges getting on eyeglasses all day long.

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