Why Are Polarized Sunglasses Expensive? 6 Main Reasons

Why Are Polarized Sunglasses Expensive? 6 Main Reasons

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Polarized sunglasses are one of the best investments you can make for your eyes. They offer a variety of benefits that other normal sunglasses do not, and they do come with a higher price tag.

So why are polarized sunglasses expensive? You may be wondering. The answer is simple, really! If you want to find out more about what makes these glasses worth their expensive price tag, keep reading this blog post to find out the reasons. 

Why Are Polarized Sunglasses Expensive

Require Additional Coat

Polarized lenses are often a more expensive option than nonpolar ones because it takes extra time and effort to produce them. They also have different levels of difficulty in the production process. It is said to be 5x harder work to achieve these Shield Lenses as opposed to regular frames. The average price difference is about $50 between the two types (Non-Polar vs. Polar). However, the charge will jump up significantly when you go with the single frame lense type of glasses such as Offshoot, Batwolf, Radar, etc. Customers will pay almost double for what they expect from this type of lens.

Be Able To Protect Users From UV

Besides the one above, another reason making polarized lenses so expensive is that, in most situations, they automatically filter ultraviolet radiation (or you normally call UV rays for short). There is a special material required in producing polarized sunglasses to make it able to filter 100 percent of UV radiation, and it does have a high price to obtain the material to have this benefit. Many sunglasses companies specialize in making polarized sunglasses take a step further by providing built-in blue light radiation blocking ability on the lenses in addition to preventing UV rays. This ability also implies that you will get all the protection needed with just a pair of polarized sunglasses, so it would make sense why this type of glasses is a bit pricey. 

Reduce The Glare

As you may have known, glare is harmful as it can cause distraction and, worse, visually impairing. Therefore, having a pair of polarized sunglasses in hand is very effective. Not only will polarized lenses reduce the glare for your eyes, but they also help to protect them from harsh light. The manufacturer incorporates a hidden grid into the lens to block light reflection and glare.

Here is how it works. When sunlight reaches a surface at a specific angle, it will create a reflection at that same angle. When light strikes a flat, horizontal surface, it rebounds at a horizontal angle. Yet, the majority of glare-causing surfaces are horizontal ones, such as water or a highway. So, when the light hits them, they reverberate light waves horizontally.

As a result, the grid of polarized eyewear lenses is designed to lock that angle and permits only vertically polarized light to pass through.

In sum, the grid will efficiently stop strong light from entering the eyes, lowering the risk of glare-related mishaps. Eliminating these glaring light reflections will give you a chance to improve the enjoyment and safety of your outdoor activities.

Provide Users With Clearer Vision 

Tinted sunglasses lenses are designed to reduce the amount of light that reaches your eye by supplying a darkened lens. This characteristic helps to lessen light sensitivity. Yet, in compensation, this glass can also interfere with seeing fine detail and make things seem more blurry than they actually are. Polarized lenses have a similar "darkening" effect without sacrificing fine detail perception. It comes with a special material to help solve the vision issue of tinted sunglasses. The lenses are custom-made to produce contrast in certain situations, rather than deadening your vision as tinted glasses do. This has proven why this type of glasses is high-priced compared to other normal types. 

Polarized sunglasses really do wonders for specific activities like hiking, golfing, or watersports due to this characteristic. 

Reduce Eye Strain

Both fluorescent lighting and sunshine create reflected light beams, and glare forces people to squint or dilate their pupils more frequently to acclimatize to the brightness. 

As the eyes have to adjust more often to adapt, this increased movement might result in eyestrain. The eyes will become fatigued after extended, intensive use. Luckily, due to its ability to reduce the brightness of the sun and filter glare, polarized lenses are great assistance in alleviating eye strain. After a long day in the sun, your eyes are more relaxed by using this type of lens. With polarized glasses, you don't need to squint anymore. 

So, it is now understandable why you have to pay a higher price tag to get these glasses.

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Allow Users To See Into The Water

Polarized lenses are perfect for any outdoor enthusiast who spends their day in an area full of sun and water; fishing is an example of that. By wearing polarized lenses, you can avoid glare and haze that reflects off the water. As a result, you can have a clearer vision of wildlife and other objects underwater and enjoy your time to the fullest. This amazing characteristic has additionally clarified the reason for the higher prices of polarized sunglasses.


Why are polarized sunglasses expensive? Now, it's easy to understand. Polarized sunglasses do more than protect our eyesight from the sun. It comes with many amazing benefits to assist its users. 

So, If you're looking for some high-quality eyewear that will keep your vision safe and have great benefits, we highly recommend you to purchase a pair of polarized sunglasses and try out! You won't regret it. 

Finally, we hope that our post has given a better understanding of why this type of glasses is more expensive than other. Owning polarized sunglasses will always be a good choice. If you have any further questions related to this topic, leave us a comment! We will be here and willing to support you.