Why Do Speed Skaters Wear Sunglasses

Why Do Speed Skaters Wear Sunglasses? We Uncover The Truth!

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If you're an avid speed skater or a sports fan, you may have noticed that many athletes wear sunglasses during competitions. But why do they do this? And how can it benefit their performance on the ice?

In this blog post, we'll dive into the reasons why speed skaters wear sunglasses and how they can make a difference in their performance. Discover the benefits of wearing shades while speeding down the track!

Why Do Speed Skaters Wear Sunglasses?

  • Speed skaters commonly wear protective eyewear to shield their eyes from the fierce winds and prevent them from watering, which could hinder their vision and performance.
  • The glasses also serve as a shield against pesky bits of ice that tend to fly up.
  • Despite being indoors, the brightness of the ice rink lights can be blinding, making it difficult to see. Wearing eyewear can help improve visibility and reduce glare.

Despite being in a chilly environment, the real reason for wearing shades involves optimizing their performance and ensuring safety.

As professional athletes, speed skaters push themselves to the limit, striving for excellence in every race. They understand that even minor distractions can significantly impact their overall performance. And when traveling at breakneck speeds on slippery ice, any distraction is potentially dangerous.

That's where sunglasses come into play - reducing glare and enhancing visual clarity. With high-quality lenses that filter out harmful UV rays and provide a sharp contrast between dark and light colors, these shades give them an edge over competitors who may be struggling with poor visibility or other environmental factors.

So while you may not see many speed skaters sporting trendy designer frames like some of their outdoor-sport counterparts (looking at you, snowboarders), know that there's much more behind this seemingly simple accessory than meets the eye.

Regarding speed skating, there are two main varieties: short track and long track. The more commonly known variant is long track, where athletes compete in longer distances compared to the shorter distances of short track.

As you may have guessed, this difference in distance has an impact on the protective gear that skaters need to wear. Short-track skaters require additional protective equipment because the risk of falling or colliding with other skaters is higher than their long-track counterparts.

Regarding speed skating, the choice of sunglasses is more about personal preference than the type of skating. Whether an athlete is into short or long-track skating, they can still rock their favorite shades. Make sure to keep an eye out for your favorite skaters wearing them during both types of competitions!