Glass Lenses vs Plastic Lenses differences

Glass Lenses vs Plastic Lenses: Which One is Better?

What’s the Difference Between Glass Lenses and Plastic Lenses?

The main differences between glass lenses and plastic lenses are:

  • Plastic is not as heavy as glass, so it is lighter and easier to wear all day and the glasses are less likely to slide down your nose.
  • Glass is more resistant to scratches than plastic, so the glasses will last longer.
  • Plastic lenses are more durable than glass lenses. It is highly unlikely that plastic lenses will be damaged or broken, but you are more likely to get glass lenses scratched or damaged if you drop them.
  • Unlike glass lenses, plastic lenses are less reflective and less prone to glare.
  • Glass lenses are generally thinner (because of the higher index) than plastic lenses, making them thinner and more visually appealing.
  • Plastic lenses are available in more shapes and colors than glass lenses, making them both more versatile and accessible. Apart from what you could choose with glass lenses, you can get virtually any kind of frame in prescription with plastic lenses.

Are Glass Lenses More Expensive Than Plastic Lenses?

Plastic lenses are often cheaper than comparable glass lenses. Plastic lenses are available in a wider range of prices, with the highest quality lenses being among the most expensive. This is because plastic lenses require less material than glass lenses to create a prescription lens.

Which Lenses Are Better for Eyes? Glass or Plastic?

Plastic lenses are clearer to see and are much less prone to glare than glass lenses. Plastic lenses are available in many colors and sizes that go beyond the array of glass lenses, making them more accessible.

Which One is Better For You? Glass Lenses or Plastic Lenses?

The choice between glass and plastic lenses is simple depending on what you want from your spectacles. Consider your specific needs when choosing your lenses; this decision will be easy.

For example, glass lenses are less likely to scratch than plastic ones, so if you're actively involved in outdoor activities, glasses lenses are better than plastic lenses. However, you can always add an anti-scratch coating to your plastic lenses if you want to use them. On the other hand, if you're looking for stylish glasses at a great price that can still provide protection then plastic lenses are the way to go.

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