How To Tell if Dior Glasses Are Real

How To Tell if Dior Sunglasses Are Real? Step-by-Step Guide

1. Quality

The first thing to check is the overall quality of the product. Note errors in grammar and spelling, and check to see if something is printed. Also, check the paint and wear. Make sure the paint is intact and not chipped.

2. Printing

Raise the arms and make sure that the prints are centered with the, Christian Dior logo, the 'Made in Italy' text and the 'CE' symbol. Many real ones can appear slightly off-center, but they should be close to the center.

3. Logo

Next, evaluate the Christian Dior logo. Examine the logo's font, spacing, and positioning, and check for misspellings or misalignments.

Typically, the counterfeiters make low-quality screen prints of the Dior logo. The screen-print method provides no texture to the logo, whereas authentic pair of Dior glasses provides a texture in the plate.

A simple check that if to see if you purchase a fake Dior glasses is by running your finger over the stamp - if you have a fake pair, you won't feel anything. On a genuine pair of Dior glasses, you should be able to feel the texture or some form of indentation.

4. Weight

Authentic Dior sunglasses is heavier than a fake one. If you compare the two, the different is really significant.

5. Cost

Before buying eyeglasses, be aware that extremely inexpensive glasses are often low quality. An authentic pair of Dior sunglasses will cost at least $10,000 and can cost up to around $20,000. If the discounted price is significantly lower than the original cost, it could be possible the glasses are fake.

6. Inscriptions

Inside each pair of glasses, the Dior logo and the corresponding serial number printed on the inside are printed in a smaller font. Ten-digit serial numbers from Dior are provided to authenticate the Dior glasses.

7. Retail box

Dior glasses are usually sold with a branded retail box, cleaning cloth, and warranty card. Ensure that the logo and font match an official one.

Before purchasing a Dior pair of glasses, be sure to request an authenticity guarantee card and warranty card. If the glasses are purchased from a private individual and do not have the included warranty card, it is still possible that the glasses are fake. Be aware that fake sunglasses may sometimes come with genuine boxes.

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