Why Do Sunglasses Hurt My Eyes

Why Do Sunglasses Hurt My Eyes? Here's What You Need To Know

Sore, irritated eyes. Difficulty focusing. Dry or watery eyes. Blurred or double vision. Sensitivity to light. Headache. Tired eyes plague everyone at some point.

What Causes Eye Fatigue?

Most of the time, eye fatigue (also known as eye strain or asthenopia) is simply a sign of muscle fatigue, and rest from what’s causing it will result in full recovery.

Common causes of tired eyes include Computer Vision Syndrome, inadequate sleep, dry eyes, overworking, uncorrected vision, and allergies.

Why Do Polarized Sunglasses Hurt My Eyes?

When you put on a pair of polarized sunglasses, they filter out some of the light coming from the sun. This can be quite intense and if the lenses are too dark or too bright; it may cause your eyes to feel tired, strained even painful!

Additionally, poorly fitted sunglasses can put unnecessary pressure on your nose bridge sides temples causing headaches eye strain so ensure proper fitting by trying different frames before making any purchases!

Are Your Sunglasses Making Your Eyes Feel Worse?

Exposure to bright light causes tired eyes which most people attempt to prevent by wearing sunglasses. Unfortunately, sunglasses won’t always keep your eyes from feeling fatigued if you have chosen the wrong pair for your situation.

Purchased Cheap Sunglasses

Cheap sunglasses are not worth it! They should block at least 99% of harmful UV rays but many inexpensive options do not protect against UV light at all! When this happens and pupils dilate due to dark lenses that do not protect them correctly; more UV radiation is exposed than without wearing any glasses!

Choose The Right Lens Shade For The Situation

Different lens shades filter different wavelengths of light so choose the shade based on your lifestyle and personal needs wisely. Lighter shades work better for daily wear while darker ones are best suited for extra-bright conditions like when driving on sunny days etcetera! Polarized lenses provide an excellent option when glare is an issue because they absorb scattered angles' light resulting in less strain.

The Right Frame Style Matters Too!

Well-fitting sunglasses are comfortable and provide sharp vision so make sure that you get a good fit! Wraparound styles block additional UV light from sides top bottom traditional frames can't reach making them ideal for athletes who spend lots of time outdoors working in construction etcetera.

Did Not Take Excessive Glare Into Consideration

Glare can increase the rate at which eyes fatigue. So, if you drive a lot or spend a lot of time on or near water, consider purchasing lenses that will help reduce the impact of additional glare. Extra protection from glare can go a long way in preventing tired eyes.


If resting is not enough for long-term relief from eye fatigue then make sure to address its source first! Ensure good health before considering common causes such as Computer Vision Syndrome, inadequate sleep dryness overworking uncorrected vision allergies etcetera! And finally do not forget about choosing quality sunglasses with excellent UV protection comfortable fit suitable lens shades and reduced glare for best results all year round!

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