How To Get Gum off Glasses Lens

How To Get Gum off Glasses Lens: A Step-By-Step Guide

Finding bubble gum stuck to your eyeglasses can be an everyday hassle, especially if you or someone in your family wears glasses and enjoys chewing gum. But fret not; there's a straightforward solution to rid your lenses of this sticky situation without resorting to chemical cleaners or rushing to the optometrist.

Here's a quick and effective trick to swiftly eliminate bubble gum from your eyeglasses:

Freeze it

Place your glasses in the freezer for around ten minutes. This cold temperature will harden the gum, making it easier to remove.

Scrape off the gum

Gently scrape the frozen bubble gum from the lenses and frames using a fingernail or the edge of a spatula. Be cautious to avoid scratching the lenses. The frozen gum should pop off effortlessly. If it starts to soften, repeat the freezing process.

Tackle hidden spots

Use a toothpick to clear any remaining gum from the seams where the lens fits into the frame. The frozen gum will be easier to dislodge from these smaller crevices.

Wash and dry

Clean your glasses as you typically would. Once dried, your glasses will be free from the gum's stickiness and ready to wear again.

With this simple yet effective technique, you can swiftly bid farewell to gum-coated glasses and get back to enjoying clear vision.

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