How To Disinfect Glasses

How To Disinfect Glasses: A Comprehensive Guide For Keeping Your Specs Clean

In recent years, we've learned the significance of maintaining proper hygiene to protect ourselves from illnesses, particularly during the winter season. While we all understand the crucial role handwashing plays in combating viruses, it's easy to overlook the fact that disinfecting our eyewear can also contribute significantly to preventing contagious diseases.

Despite our best efforts to avoid touching our faces, adjusting and handling our glasses often leads us unknowingly spreading harmful bacteria to sensitive areas such as our ears, nose, and mouth. Astonishingly, a study discovered that a staggering 95% of participants' frames were heavily contaminated with bacteria.

Although one might be tempted to use alcohol or other strong disinfectants on their glasses for sanitization purposes, it's important to note that these substances may cause damage to lens coatings or frames due to their high acidity or harsh properties. Instead, we recommend using a gentle hand soap along with the following steps for effective and safe cleaning:

3 Simple Steps for Disinfecting Your Glasses

  1. Begin by running your glasses under warm water until both the frame and lenses are thoroughly wet.
  2. Apply foaming or regular hand soap onto your fingertips and delicately rub it across all surfaces of your glasses including the lenses.
  3. Rinse off any remaining soap residue by gently rinsing your glasses under warm water before drying them carefully with a soft lens cloth. Avoid using materials like shirts, paper towels, or antibacterial wipes as they can potentially scratch your lenses' surface or harm the frame structure while wiping away any protective coatings.
When you're not actively wearing your glasses, ensure you store them in their dedicated case. This simple practice will help shield them from coming into contact with contaminated surfaces or even direct contact with hands carrying germs.
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