How To Tell if Oakley Glasses Are Real

How To Tell if Oakley Sunglasses Are Real? Step-by-Step Guide

1. Quality

The first thing to check is the overall quality of the product. Note errors in grammar and spelling, and check to see if something is printed. Also, check the paint and wear. Make sure the paint is intact and not chipped.

2. Nose Piece

Next, the nose piece should have the Oakley logo.

The Oakley trademark is typically stamped on at least two temple pieces on the insides of Oakley glasses. A detail many counterfeiters do without is that most consumers gravitate toward the outer details and overlook the inner details. So, when you are evaluating the legitimacy of Oakley sunglasses, make sure you pay particular attention to the nose piece.

3. Printing

Raise your arms and make sure that the prints are centered. Many real ones can appear slightly off-center, but they should be close to the center.

4. SKU

Next, evaluate the SKU on the inside of the temple arm. For Oakley sunglasses, the SKUs will start with OO; for Oakley eyeglasses, it's OX.

After the OO, you can find the 4 digits which refer to the frame model. Following that is a dash and more numbers that represent the frame's color. The easiest way to check whether the SKU is real is to type the entire SKU into Google.

5. Temple

The majority of Oakley temples have the Oakley logo as the raised O embedded in the frame. In addition, these details are extremely difficult to reproduce, and most counterfeiters would prefer to avoid it.

6. Cost

Before buying eyeglasses, be aware that extremely inexpensive glasses are often low quality. An authentic pair of Oakley sunglasses will cost around $100 to $200. If the discounted price is significantly lower than the original cost, it could be possible the glasses are fake.

7. Spelling

Fake Oakley sunglasses usually feature an incorrect spelling of the brand name. Common misspellings include 'Oakley', 'Oakly', 'Oakey'.

8. Lens etchings

Oakley prescription sunglasses will have the O engraving on the lens by laser. But, non-prescription Oakley sunglasses that have the O engraved onto the lens are fake. Authentic Oakley PRIZM sunglasses will have 'PRIZM' or 'PRIZM P' etched on the lens. Non-PRIZM Oakley sunglasses will not feature any engraving on the lens.

9. Stickers

Fake Oakley sunglasses with vinyl decals often leave sticker residue. You will sometimes see a P sticker on the fake lenses of these fake glasses; however, this does not indicate polarized lenses. These stickers, which simulate optical etchings, are sometimes stuck on fake to try to deceive buyers. However, if you run your finger across them you will notice it's fake.

10. Lens clarity

Authentic Oakley sunglasses provide high-definition optics (HDO) that give you the most accurate view of your surroundings free of obscuring or distorting images.

11. Box content

Ask the seller for the certificate of authenticity. This should have the Oakley brand name and information about the materials used in the eyeglasses. The paperwork included with the eyeglasses should also have a warranty issued from Oakley.

Oakley glasses are usually sold with a branded retail case, cleaning cloth & paperwork. Before purchasing a pair of Oakley glasses, be sure to request a certificate of authenticity.

If the glasses are purchased from a private individual and do not have the included warranty card and certificate of authenticity, it is still possible that the glasses is fake.

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