How Many Pairs Of Glasses Should You Have? [Expert's Answer]

Everyone who wears glasses or contacts regularly should have at least one spare backup pair of glasses. But how many pairs of glasses do you actually need? Well, it depends on your lifestyle and needs. Let’s break it down.

How Many Pairs Of Glasses Should You Own?

No matter how careful you are with your eyeglasses, accidents happen - they get lost, fall off, and sometimes even break. If this happens and you don’t have a backup pair, things can quickly become uncomfortable and even dangerous if you can’t see properly. So everyone should have at least one spare backup pair of glasses just in case.

Dedicated Sunglasses (if possible)

If the budget allows, we recommend getting a dedicated pair of sunglasses that provide full UV protection for the eyes. However, if finances are tight then photochromic lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight can be added to your primary pair as an alternative.

Occupational Use and Fashion Choices

After having the essentials covered with a spare backup pair and sunglasses (if desired), consider any additional needs based on occupational use or fashion choices:

  • Investing in office glasses with blue light lenses will help reduce eye strain for those who work long hours staring at computer screens or tablets.
  • Sports enthusiasts can benefit from specialized prescription sports eyewear designed specifically for their activities such as water sports or golf.
  • Lastly, there is always room for fun by using different frames to express yourself through fashion!

How Many Pairs Does Insurance Cover?

Most vision insurance plans provide an annual allowance for new eyeglass frames and lenses which means technically one can purchase a new set every year through insurance coverage. It’s important to check out what allowances your particular plan provides as amounts vary among different providers.

Why More Than One Pair Is Recommended

Having multiple pairs provides backups and helps protect your vision and eye health. Here are three reasons why owning more than one pair of eyeglasses is recommended:

1. You’ll Always Have a Backup

Accidents happen, so having an extra pair available just in case is important.

2. They Make Your Vision More Comfortable

Having different pairs for different activities will make you more comfortable, no matter your situation.

3. You Can Make a Statement

Different frames can be used to express yourself through fashion and help enhance your personality!

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