How To Snorkel With Glasses: 6 Easiest Ways To Try

Planning a tropical vacation and want to go snorkeling but are unsure how to do it with glasses? You're not alone! According to the Vision Council of America, 75% of adults in the United States need vision correction, with 64% wearing eyeglasses. Many people have wondered about snorkeling with glasses and how it will affect their underwater experience.

Unfortunately, wearing glasses while snorkeling doesn't work well. Masks and goggles don't fit over glasses properly, causing leaks and blurry vision. Plus, the distance between your eyes and lenses can be altered when wearing them under a mask, resulting in even worse vision.

But don't worry! Some alternatives allow you to enjoy snorkeling without sacrificing your sight. Here are some options:

1. Natural magnification

Water naturally magnifies objects underwater by making them appear closer and bigger than they are. If you have mild vision problems or wear prescription glasses between +1.00 and -1.00, you can leave your glasses behind and rely on this natural magnification.

2. Contact lenses

Contact lenses are affordable for those who prefer not to wear glasses while snorkeling. However, due to pressure changes at deeper depths, rigid contact and gas-permeable lenses aren't suitable for water activities like freediving or scuba diving. Soft contact lenses are the best choice.

3. Prescription snorkel masks

A prescription mask is a significant investment if you're uncomfortable with contact lenses or plan on frequent snorkeling trips. These masks come with built-in prescription lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or bifocal needs.

4. Prescription dive masks

Some dive gear companies offer scuba masks with removable plastic or tempered glass lenses that can be replaced if your prescription changes.

5. Stick-on magnifier lens

For farsighted individuals who only need reading glasses, stick-on magnifier lenses can turn any mask into bifocals. These lenses are popular among scuba divers and underwater photographers.

6. DIY snorkel mask

If you're on a budget or only snorkel occasionally, you can create your snorkel mask using an anti-fog dive or snorkel mask and an old pair of glasses. Remove the earpieces from the glasses, fit them inside the mask (or glue them directly onto it), ensuring they don't interfere with the seal, and secure them with waterproof super glue.

In conclusion, while snorkeling with glasses may pose challenges, several solutions are available to ensure that those who wear spectacles can fully enjoy their underwater adventures. The best solution for you depends on your eyesight, budget, and how often you plan to go snorkeling or diving.

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