How To Stop Glasses From Leaving Marks On Your Nose

How To Stop Glasses From Leaving Marks On Your Nose?

Take Preventive Measures

To avoid nose marks caused by glasses, try wearing accessories that can help reduce or eliminate skin irritation. Lanyards, for instance, are an excellent option when you don't need to wear your glasses. This will allow your nose bridge and ears to relax and reduce red marks. Other accessories include anti-slip nose pads, soft frame sleeve retainers, and anti-slip frame holders.

Another alternative is to use acne patches or a bandage around your nose bridge to prevent glasses from pressing into the sore area.

Show Some Love to Your Skin

If your skin starts to hurt, you can relieve the pain by treating the affected area with skincare products like cooling aloe vera gel or some hypoallergenic and gentle-on-skin moisturizer. This will help your skin recuperate from the irritation faster and provide a thin layer of protection for putting your glasses back on. If you don’t have any skincare products handy, you can also physically relieve the pain by massaging your nose, washing your face, or taking off your glasses for a short time to give your skin a break.

Visit an Optometrist

If you’re experiencing recurring nose marks from glasses, it may be time to see your optometrist solve the problem permanently. Your optometrist should be able to suggest different solutions that could help you, such as adjusting other parts of your glasses, swapping out certain features, or even opting for a different type of glasses.

Adjusting Different Parts of Your Glasses

The frames or nose pads may cause dark indents. In any case, you can adjust how your glasses fit from home. Alternatively, your optometrist should be able to help you change them or swap them out for different parts to ensure that your glasses are comfortable for you to wear.

Opt for Something More Lightweight

If your eyewear is not adjustable or causes discomfort even after adjustments, consider other eyewear options. A big factor to consider would be the spectacles’ weight. Titanium glasses are one of the most lightweight options in the market, and they are also sleek, classy, and currently one of the hottest glasses trends.

Another way to decrease the weight of your glasses is to go for high-index lenses, especially if you have stronger prescriptions. With these special lenses, you won’t need to worry about your eyewear looking or feeling clunky, and you can avoid those unpleasant marks on your skin.

Tips & Tricks to Decrease the Chance of Getting Nose Marks

In addition to the solutions above, there are also many little tips and tricks that you can adopt to reduce the chances of nose marks.

Clean Everything Regularly

Both your face and glasses can collect irritants such as dead skin cells, bacteria, dust, and sweat. Washing your face and eyewear regularly would help to remove these irritants and ensure a cleaner and more comfortable day-to-day experience.

Cater to Your Skin Type

One way to reduce red spots caused by glasses on your skin is to cater to your skin type. Find a skincare routine that works for you, such as moisturizer or essence. With the right skincare products, you can create a protective barrier between your skin and your glasses while strengthening your skin’s health.


Nose marks caused by glasses are a common problem that affects many people. While they may seem minor, they can be uncomfortable and unsightly. Fortunately, there are many short-term and long-term solutions that you can adopt to reduce or eliminate nose marks. From using eyewear accessories to adjusting the fit of your glasses to considering contact lenses, there are many options to choose from

To reduce the chances of nose marks occurring, it’s important to clean your glasses and face regularly, uses high-quality nose pads, and invest in lightweight lenses. Finding the proper skincare routine and eyewear that caters to your skin type can also help. These steps allow you to enjoy a more comfortable and confident wearing experience without worrying about nose marks.
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