How To Swim If You Wear Glasses

How To Swim If You Wear Glasses: 7 Tips For Maximum Comfort!

Are you a glasses wearer who loves to swim? Don't let your eyewear hold you back from enjoying the water. With these seven tips, you can learn how to swim comfortably while wearing your glasses. We've got you covered, from choosing the proper frames to using prescription goggles. Say goodbye to blurry vision and hello to an enjoyable swimming experience! Here's how to swim if you wear glasses.

Leave the Glasses by the Pool

Having impeccable eyesight is not necessarily a must-have when it comes to swimming. You should be fine if you have good enough vision to keep yourself safe and enjoy the aquatic experience. If your dependence on glasses isn't too high, you can probably take them off and leave them by the pool before diving in.

Keep Using Your Glasses

Swimming with your glasses on is only one of the optimal situations. Unlike goggles, they won't protect your eyes from water. However, if you're taking a quick dip and don't mind some H2O in your eyes, it might do the trick.

To keep your glasses securely in place while swimming, consider investing in a flexible strap similar to those on goggles. This will prevent them from slipping off and getting lost in the water.

It's important to note that while chlorine-treated pools are safe for eyewear, saltwater pools (including oceans) can cause damage to metal components and lenses. If saltwater comes into contact with your glasses, rinse them thoroughly with fresh water before cleaning them gently with a soft cloth.

Get Prescription Goggles

Swimmers who can't imagine life without their glasses should consider getting prescription goggles when swimming. Ready-made goggles in the right prescription may be available for those with mild eyesight issues.

However, individuals with stronger prescriptions or astigmatism may require custom-made goggles from an optometrist. If you're a frequent swimmer, investing in custom-fit goggles is worth it!

Use Contact Lenses

As a contact lens wearer, you might be tempted to keep them on while dipping in the pool. However, it's not recommended for good reason. When contact lenses come into contact with water contaminants like bacteria, infections are more likely to occur, and that can lead to serious eye health problems.

If you must wear your contacts while swimming, there is a way around it. You can protect your eyes by wearing snug-fitting goggles over your lenses to prevent water from entering your eyes. It's also advisable to use disposable daily lenses that you can toss away after leaving the water to protect against harmful substances lurking in the pool waters. Stay safe and healthy!

Use an Elastic Eyeglass Holder

Elastic eyeglasses holders are a game-changer when keeping your glasses secure during a swim. Wrap them around the back of your head and let them grip onto the temple tips of your glasses. This nifty accessory ensures that your glasses stay put, so you can dive into the water without worrying about losing them.

While you may get some water on the lenses, having elastic eyeglasses holders means that you'll have much better vision compared to swimming without any visual aids at all. So, whether you're training for a triathlon or just enjoying a leisurely dip in the pool, these handy little helpers will keep your glasses safely where they belong - on your face!

Get Large Swim Goggles

Protect your eyes and keep your glasses in place while swimming by wearing a pair of oversized goggles that fit over them. Though not much different from elastic eyeglass holders, the fitting goggles can form a decent seal around your face and glasses to minimize water splashing onto the lenses or into your eyes. With this simple solution, you'll be able to swim with confidence and clarity!

It Entirely Depends on Your Preferences

There are various options for glasses wearers who want to dip in the water. You can choose to go sans glasses, brave getting them wet, or invest in prescription goggles. The choice is yours and depends on what works best for you. The great news is that you can enjoy swimming fun regardless of your decision!

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