What Sunglasses Do Navy SEALs Wear

What Sunglasses Do Navy SEALs Wear? Here's Your Answer!

The Navy Seals are known for their legendary and highly trained soldiers. They carry out secret missions behind enemy lines, defeat enemies against impossible odds, and keep seas safe from piracy. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of eyewear worn by these elite fighters.

What Sunglasses Do Navy SEALs Wear?

Because they are exposed to highly specialized and dangerous training and missions, Navy Seals require the highest quality gear that holds up under intense situations. This is especially true for their eyewear which must meet the highest standards of protection, comfort, and visibility.

Full Ultraviolet Ray Protection

The first thing a Navy SEAL needs from his sunglasses is full ultraviolet ray protection as they spend most of their time outdoors.

Combat Environment Eyewear

If the SEALs are on a mission in a combat environment, they will need not only ballistic polycarbonate lenses but also dust and wind protection. The environment can quickly become hazardous with no visibility due to dust storms that can appear at any given moment. For this type of activity, goggles with a gasket to seal dust away from the eyes are recommended for maximum shrapnel protection. The Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polished Navy Black Iridium Sunglasses available on ShadesDaddy.com would be perfect for such an operation.

Non-Combat Environment Eyewear

Military personnel who go on missions in environments where dust or wind isn't a problem should wear eye-wear provides maximum shrapnel protection while also being single lens shield style wrap-around non-gasket combat sunglasses.


Navy Seal missions demand high-quality gear including top-notch eyewear that meets rigorous safety requirements without compromising comfort or functionality. With this information about what sunglasses navy seals wear you too can make an informed decision when choosing your pair!

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