Why Do Secret Service Wear Sunglasses

Why Do Secret Service Wear Sunglasses? [Quick Answer]

Why Do Secret Service Wear Sunglasses?

Secret Service agents may sometimes wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from direct sunlight, so they can observe what other people in the audience are doing. Because their eyes are hidden from sight, they can observe other individuals without being seen by them.

Commonly Used Equipment

Sunglasses are often worn by people engaged in law enforcement, bodyguards, as well as by daily guards. In addition to working order, these sunglasses are equally crucial as the uniform sunglasses, which makes them more attractive.

Protect their eyes

Wearing sunglasses can protect them from the wind and the sun (especially law enforcement and traffic officers who need to stay on duty patrol). Wearing sunglasses in the outdoor area can help preserve vision, and to ensure that their jobs are not interrupted. During the mission, they may also deploy some non-lethal weapons, such as high-power, bright light grenades, tear gas, so sunglasses can help shielding their eyes.

Disguise themselves

Nighttime security guards wear sunglasses throughout the night to ensure others cannot see their eyes, preventing the spying of others and avoiding large groups aware they are being watched. They can also see anyone and hide from public scrutiny, even in large populated areas. The eyes under the sunglasses allow bodyguards to maintain vigilance for anyone making an 'erratic' movement.

Do all bodyguards wear sunglasses?

Not all bodyguards wear sunglasses. Over time, dark sunglasses and bodyguards have become synonymous. Some agents take wearing sunglasses to the extremes. There is no requirement to wear sunglasses indoors. In spite of this, many professional bodyguards insist on wearing sunglasses indoors, even at night!

Why do bodyguards wear black glasses?

Bodyguards wear black glasses in order to quickly enlarge the visual capabilities of their eyes and detect potential threats on the ground without pause. Dark glasses can also help protect against glare, and allay the eye with a neutral black tone in order to easily view the environment beyond the acknowledgment of color. It helps security personnel blink less, keeping their eyes open for longer periods of time.

What kind of glasses do bodyguards wear?

Bodyguards will usually wear dark sunglasses allow them to hide their eyes, preventing attackers from recognizing where they are looking.

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