Why Do Sunglasses Make Me Sleepy? 4 Reasons Why

Why Do Sunglasses Make Me Sleepy? 4 Reasons Why

You typically buy sunglasses in order to block harmful UV rays and keep your eyes safe from the sun. However, sometimes, you feel sleepy when wearing these glasses. Have you ever asked yourself, "Why do sunglasses make me feel sleepy?" Does it really make you feel sleepy? This article will help you find out the answer. 

Let's unveil the secret now.

Does Wearing Sunglasses Make You Sleeping?

There are various factors making you feel sleepy, but there is no evidence that wearing sunglasses is one of them. Weird, right? You are quite certain that these glasses make you feel like going to sleep, yet have you considered the fact that your body is just tired? It may be because you're exhausted, and the sunglasses' dim light reflected in your eyes makes you feel drowsy.

Our body owns a natural circadian rhythm, which implies you feel lively and awake throughout the day, but grow fatigued at night.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, your circadian rhythm - also called the internal clock- is controlled by the part of our hypothalamus, which then tells eyes/minds about darkness or lightness. Hence, they know it's bedtime soon enough. 

When it's dark outside at night, your eyes notify your hypothalamus that now is the time to go to bed. And, Your brain then sends a signal to the body to send out melatonin, causing your body to become weary.

In sum, our theory is that the dark light reflected from the sunglasses lens to your eyes causes your body to let out melatonin for a weird reason and makes you feel like going to sleep. 

However, if this only occurs when you wear your new spectacles, you might need to go to the store and check the prescription to see if it is too strong for your eyes

Why Do Sunglasses Make Me Tired?

Ever since the invention of sunglasses, people have relied on them to protect their eyes from harmful sun rays and improve visibility in sunlight. However, many different styles can cause tiredness - especially if you don't know what type will work best for your needs.

Below are some reasons that could make you tired after wearing sunglasses.

Using A Cheap Pair Of Sunglasses 

The sun is a powerful source of light and heat, but it can also damage our eyes if we're not careful. For this reason, many people wear sunglasses to shield their vision from harmful rays

When shopping for quality shades, be sure they block at least 99% of UVB radiation since cheap glasses cost you more over time due to eye injuries caused by too much exposure. Since cheaper sunglasses are weak against UV rays, the dark lenses will enlarge the pupils, exposing your inner eye to more UV rays than when you didn't wear sunglasses. 

Remember that the lower the price, the greater your risk of not getting protection against UV rays and suffering from eye damage. 

Choosing The Wrong Lens Shade For The Light Conditions

There's a variety of lens shades to choose from which can help you filter different wavelengths. With items for everyday wear, it is most appropriate to choose light to medium shades, and sunglasses with darker ones will be the best choice for extra bright days. 

Having the right tint for you can be an important decision. Many said that a photochromic lens is a great option since it will adjust to different light conditions so that your eyes are not as susceptible to eye fatigue in every type of sunshine or under artificial lighting. Also, another choice is wearing multiple lens shades since it provides more protection against sunlight and it is able to prevent eye strain.

Having The Wrong Frame Style For The Eye Situation

Fit is always important when it comes to protecting your eyes and preventing eye fatigue. Well-fitting sunglasses will always give you a comfortable feeling when wearing while still providing sharp vision at the same time. 

In addition, they also offer the advanced coverage that traditional types of eyeglasses can't provide because their frames surround the entire face rather than just sitting overtop like regular glasses do (although some may still overlap). 

People who spend time outdoors in sunny areas like athletes or fishers, etc., should consider wraparound shades that cover up any exposed area like on top or bottom and at the sides for better eye protection. 

Did Not Consider Excessive Glare Carefully

Suppose you're looking for ways to reduce the strain on your eyes; consider purchasing lenses that help glare. This is because glare can increase your eye movements - squint, pupil dilation, etc., making your eyes tired after long and extensive use. 

Polarized sunglasses are an excellent option for reducing glare from bright light sources if you are forced to drive a lot or be in or near water. They absorb all rays of shattered angels, making them perfect for reducing eye fatigue. In sum, any type of good sunglasses is fine as long as it can give you extra glare protection. This is because it will help you on a long journey due to the ability to prevent eye fatigue.


Why do sunglasses make me sleepy? We may have the answer. As you can see, it is not that wearing sunglasses might make you feel sleepy; it may be because you are tired or your eyes are tired. 

You may also experience this sensation if you wear a new pair of sunglasses. So, as stated above, The best way to determine whether this is happening to you is by checking with your optometrist about the prescription of the lenses as it could be the culprit causing it. 

All in all, We hope that this article can give you useful information. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to help you!

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