Glassy Eyes: What Causes It & How To Treat It

Glassy Eyes: What Causes It & How To Treat It

Have you ever suffered from glassy eyes? If yes, you definitely know how negatively it affects your daily activities. In fact, you can cure this disease easily. However, due to your improper understanding of its causes and how to prevent it from coming back, the symptom will soon come back. 

Down here, we would like to help you with the essential information about this eye-related problem.

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What Causes Glassy Eyes?

#1 Intoxication

Sometimes, the products that you intake may contain toxic substances without your consciousness. After you consume these substances, they will soon have an impact on your central nervous system. Consequently, the normal-being of blinking, an ordinary body function, will be deteriorated. The time between each blink will become longer than it should be. Then, dry and glassy eyes happen.

Marijuana is the most notable source of intoxication that leads to glassy eyes. According to scientific records, in the event of intoxication, glassy eyes will come with symptoms like drowsiness, imbalance, and slurred speech.

To determine whether your issues are the result of intoxication or not, you can go to a doctor and require urine, blood, and breath tests. Luckily, your body can push out the toxic substances themselves. Yet, it will take time.

#2 Dehydration

The drug eyes caused by dehydration often come with these related symptoms like dry mouth, lightheadedness, or excessive thirst. In this case, water intake is enough to conquer the problem. 

On the contrary, when this condition comes along with signs like fatigue, lack of saliva, extreme dry mouth, or more than 6 hours without urination, you need to opt for more serious solutions. Intravenous fluids or medical care are the highly recommended methods.

#3 Conjunctivitis

You may have heard of this disease under the term pink eyes. The causes for pink eyes, also known as conjunctivitis, are viruses, fungi, or bacteria. If you have conjunctivitis, besides being glassy, your eyes will turn red, and there will be crust around the edges. For the most optimal cure, you should consult a doctor to pick the suitable medicated eye drops. Next, apply the eye drops following the prescription. 

#4 Allergies

If you have glassy, red, teary, and itchy peeper, you are likely to get allergies. The causes of allergies are the ones you often interact with in daily life. Yet, allergies will appear once they build up to a specific amount. For example, some allergies are pet dander, dust, pollen, or accessories you apply near your eye or direct contact with them.

Keeping your eye off the sources of allergies is a remarkable method to make the situation better. As well as that, you need to opt for appropriate medications and eye drops.

#5 Dry eyes

The condition is sometimes the side effect of dry eye. As we all know, eyes become dry whenever they don’t have sufficient tears. Lack of tears occurs if you spend too much time consistently using screen devices or have experienced surgery. To deal with it, you can rely on external sources of tears like eye drops.

#6 Cholera

This fatal disease is widely seen in regions that have polluted water sources. If a person gets cholera, he will suffer from severe dehydration because of diarrhea or vomiting. As a result, he will get this condition as well. The only way to cure cholera is to ask for help from health care services. Or else, you may have serious health issues.

#7 Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a common symptom found in people having diabetes. The low sugar ratio in blood will lead to glazed eye and health issues like sweating, shaky hands, dizziness, or pale skin. Like cholera, hypoglycemia is also a deadly source of this symptom if you don’t pay enough attention to it. Insignificant hypoglycemia can be solved by consuming sugary food or drinks. In contrast, more serious cases require medical care from professionals.

#8 Herpes

HSV Type 1 is the main reason for the cold sores. Moreover, it can have an impact on your eye. The most obvious sign of it being caused by herpes, or HSV Type 1, is that the eyeball will be glassy and tear more than usual at the same time. Plus, the eyelids will have blisters.

#9 Grave’s Diseases

A person with grave diseases may have eyelids that retract improperly. Eyes will soon lack efficient fluid to keep themselves in the ideal situation. Glazed eyes from grave diseases often go with the loss of hair, loss of weight, and swollen neck.

#10 Drug And Alcohol

Drug and alcohol abuse is one of the primary factors that result in this condition. In this case, your eyes not only become glazed, but they also turn red.

How To Treat Glassy Eyes?

#1 Avoid Using Blue-light Screen Too Much

There is no doubt about this treatment. Constantly using the blue-light screen for a long time will definitely make your eyes strain. For this reason, you should manage your screen using the time to relax your peepers and eliminate any chance of this issue.

Besides adjusting the way you stare at the screen, you need to set up an appropriate gap between your face and the screen. Normally, the ideal gap should be around 20 to 28 inches. Furthermore, the interval during use is also crucial to your eyes’ health. For each 1 hour of looking at the screen, you need to rest your peepers for at least 10 minutes by spending more than 20 seconds concentrating your eyeball on a target 20 feet away. 

#2 Hydrate Yourself

Another easy method to get rid of this problem is to moisturize them. By that, we mean you should intake a sufficient amount of water every day. By appropriately consuming water, you can both avoid it and improve the condition of your skin.

#3 Keep These Stuff For Personal Use Only

Items for daily use sometimes may become shiny because of your misuse, especially stuff you let directly contact your eyes. When you let a person with that problem use your items, the bacteria from them will remain on the products. Then, if you utilize the products near your peepers again, you may get diseases. The “products” we mention here are:

  • Eye drops
  • Makeup accessories
  • Eyeglasses
  • Pillowcases, towels, and blankets

#4 Ensure Regular Blink

This treatment is suitable for people whose blinking ability is in trouble. Regular blinking will allow your eye to have efficient lubrication so that the eye-related problem won’t occur. Therefore, people having blinking malfunction should manage their blinks consciously.

#5 Go To A Doctor

This condition is not that serious for you to see a doctor. Yet, this method is worth trying for utmost safety. Opting for a medical checkup not only helps you to eliminate the irritating state, but it can also warn you about the potential problems with your “window of your soul”. We recommend you visit a doctor at least once a year.

How To Prevent Glassy Eyes?

#1 Never Let Your Eyes Dehydrated

You can accomplish this prevention by consuming a proper amount of water every day or taking advantage of eye drops. Both of these methods are excellent for the eyes’ lubrication, but we suggest the water intake-way for a thorough avoidance.

#2 Properly Use Screen Devices

A favorite movie or an intense task will require you to sit in front of the computer or phone screen for a long time. However, you should spend a few minutes resting your peepers by concentrating on a distant point. What’s more, you need to arrange the appropriate gap between your vision and the device’s screen. Non-strained eyes won’t become glassy.

#3 Go To An Optometrist Periodically

Although this is not the disease that compulsorily forces you to see a doctor, you should arrange a checkup by an optometrist for further prevention of eye-related issues. A professional optometrist will diagnose any malfunction of your peepers and then provide you with the most optimal solutions. 

#4 Wash Your Hands

In daily activities, dirt particles, bacteria, or irritants may accidentally touch and stay on your hands. When you scratch your peepers with the contaminated hands, the bacteria from the hands will cause them to be glassy. Hence, washing your hands after interacting with polluted sources will be beneficial to prevent the condition.

#5 Get Rid Of Alcoholic Drinks

In contrast to water, alcoholic drinks will diminish the amount of water in your body. Consequently, dehydration will happen and result in this eye-related problem. To remove any risk of getting it, you should limit or stop using alcoholic beverages. 

Bottom Lines

Glassy eyes are an irritating health issue that affects your vision and outlook. Our article has provided you with all the fundamental information about this condition. We suggest that you follow these methods above to maintain the healthy condition of the “window of your soul”.

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