How To Avoid Ring Light Reflection in Glasses

How To Avoid Ring Light Reflection in Glasses?

We've all been there - excited about our new ring light for that flawless glow in photos and videos, only to be thwarted by the pesky reflections in our glasses. It's frustrating, but fear not; you can outwit those reflections without ditching your glasses or opting for contact lenses.

Here's why it can be challenging: ring lights were initially designed for fashion photography, where the light is positioned in front of the model, and the camera shoots through the ring. This setup creates stunning, even lighting and a captivating ring of catch light in the model's eyes. However, it could be better for glasses wearers.

If, like me, you rely on glasses as part of your signature look or simply because you can't see a thing without them, you'll want to use that ring light without the reflections. Here's how:

1. Shift the Light to the Side

Move your ring light slightly to the Side, about 45 degrees from the front of your face. If your light is on a stand, adjusting the whole setup is easy. If it's attached to your phone or monitor, tilt the light to the Side and move the phone holder in the opposite direction. For those with monitor-clipped lights, position it at the edge of your screen.

2. Adjust the Height

Raise the ring light to 1-2 feet above your face. Be cautious not to raise it too high, as this can create unflattering shadows under your brow line, nose, and chin. Your forehead shouldn't turn into a bright beacon, either. If your light is fixed on your monitor, consider lowering your chair or elevating your monitor. Sometimes, placing a box under your laptop does the trick, and it even helps hide that pesky double chin!

3. Fine-tune to Perfection

Examine the results and make further adjustments if needed. While this won't allow you to move your head around without reflections, it should significantly improve the situation. You can also slightly tilt your glasses down, but that's better suited for still photos rather than videos, as it might feel uncomfortable.

4. Bonus Tips

Here are a few extra tricks for minimizing reflections:

  • Raise the ring light above eye level and tilt it at a 45-degree angle.
  • Reduce the brightness of your phone or monitor screen when recording videos; this can help eliminate reflections in your glasses.

Say goodbye to those pesky ring light reflections and embrace the crystal-clear content you deserve!

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