How To Pack Sunglasses For Travel

How To Pack Sunglasses For Travel: The Fool-Proof Guide

Sunglasses are essential for any traveler, whether you're headed to a sunny beach or a snowy mountain. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and add style to your holiday look. However, if you pack them properly in your luggage, they can easily be protected.

This post will show you the best way to pack your sunglasses for travel and discuss the ideal protective case options that prevent frame damage. Whether you're going away for a weekend trip or traveling abroad for an extended getaway, follow this helpful guide on how to pack your sunglasses safely.

Choosing the Best Sunglasses Case for Travel

When choosing a case for your sunglasses during travel, there are two main options available – soft and hard cases. Soft cases take up very little room when empty and are much lighter than hard cases; therefore, they're easier to pack in small bags like weekender bags. However, these types of cases lack structure and impact resistance, so they may not provide enough protection against crushing.

Hard cases come with structural reinforcement making them more durable and protective than soft ones; however, they can be bulkier and harder to pack inside smaller bags and suitcases.

The slimmest but most protective way of storing glasses is by using luxury glasses made from thin metal exteriors that cocoon frames while preventing squashing.

Should You Pack Sunglasses in Your Hand Luggage?

With global airline lost luggage rates is increasing, it's important always to keep crucial possessions such as eyewear close by so as not to lose them. If mishandled baggage happens during transit - whether domestically or internationally - keeping critical items such as phone wallets and passports, among other things, needs a proper planning before departure day arrives.

Where Do You Put Your Sunglasses When Traveling?

Keeping your sunglasses inside their protective hard case in a front pocket or near the top of your pack is ideal for easy and quick access, especially on the go. This also ensures you do not distract yourself by digging through your bag on the street, keeping UV exposure to a minimum.

How to Store Sunglasses in a Suitcase

If using a suitcase or holdall, packing sunglasses safely between spare shoes inside their protective cases will protect them against crushing by heavier items and baggage handlers.

Protecting Your Sunglasses While Traveling

To protect your glasses while traveling, always keep them on your face or in their case.' Wearing them properly reduces damage likelihood; avoid hanging them off the collar of shirts or, worse still, wearing them atop heads which may lead to falling off damaging frames from stretching too wide.

For hot countries where temperatures reach 40°C/100°F, it's best to wear sunglasses rather than store them inside cars' dashboards as plastic frames tend to warp when exposed to heat. Acetate-made premium sunglass frames are at higher risk of warping during such conditions due to semi-natural materials reacting with extreme heat levels.

Packing Tip: Reactive Items First

Always first-access easily reactive items such as lightweight raincoats, sunscreen, drinking water, and sunglasses for quick protection against changing weather conditions.

What if You Don't Have A Protective Case For Your Sunglasses?

If you don't have a protective case for storing glasses during transit - worry not! Several ways can help prevent scratches on lenses or frame crushes:

However, purchasing another sturdy protective case is always the best option since they're readily available in online stores and optical practices worldwide - offering perfect protection from crushing and scratching whenever you're on the go.

Do You Need Sunglasses On Holiday?

Sunglasses are a must-have item for any outdoor holiday. They protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays and reduce eyestrain and headaches caused by glare. Pack a good pair of sunglasses with maximum UV protection (UV 400 or higher) for your next vacation, whether on the beach or mountain slopes.

Can I Bring Sunglasses On A Plane?

Yes - you can bring sunglasses aboard an airplane in hand luggage without restrictions. However, avoid wearing them inside airports security checks as they may restrict eye contact with staff during necessary clearance procedures.

Do Sunglasses Set Off Metal Detectors?

Unless made of significant metal construction materials, most spectacles won't trigger metal detectors when passing through airport security checks. However, metal glasses cases are more likely to trigger alarms and hence better kept in carry-on bags that can be scanned separately whenever needed.

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