What is Backside AR Coating? A Quick Overview

What is Backside AR Coating? A Quick Overview

When you buy a pair of sunglasses at a store, you'll see some of them will have a backside anti-reflective coating, and some don't. And are you curious whether you will need this AR layer on the back of glasses or not? And what is its effect? Is it worth the extra money?

In the blog below, we will explain to you “What is Backside AR Coating , why should you put on your sunglasses and do you have to have one?” Keep reading to discover the answer you need.

What is Backside AR (Anti-Reflection) Coating?

Let's briefly overview anti-reflective coating in general before digging deeper into the definition of backside AR coating. AR coating is a thin layer of coating added after the lenses are cut and ground to match your frames. Utilizing anti-reflective coating is essential for anyone. An anti-reflection coating makes sure that your vision stays clear, no matter the conditions or lighting situation, because of its ability to stop light reflections from the surface from entering the eyes. 

Most people would think that AR would work well on lenses to raise optical clarity and make the glasses seem invisible. And it would not be suitable for sunglasses as it would reduce the amount of light passing through the lens, right? But in fact, you should put a back layer of AR on your shades to stop light from bouncing off the back of the glasses. A popular issue with sunglasses and near-sighted glasses is back-glare. It is a type of light that shines through the back of a lens and radiates right into the eyes. If your glasses don't have a backside AR layer, you may see your eyes reverberated in the lenses of your dark glasses.

You often find that most high-end brands apply AR on the back of the lenses to create uniqueness for their brand. We highly recommend choosing a flatter frame as it reduces light bouncing straight into your eyes. 

Why Put an Anti-Reflective Coating on the Backside of Sunglasses?

As mentioned above, an annoying problem for sunglasses wearers is a bright light bouncing back in their eyes. And this light has an adverse effect on your eyes, such as reducing your eyesight, causing distraction, etc. What's more, this glare can contain ultraviolet rays that are harmful to your eyes.

Sunglasses with an anti-reflective coating on their backside is the best choice for you. It not only protects you from the sun's damaging UV rays but also reduces glare and light.

Without this coating on the back of your glasses, you will feel very unpleasant when images of reflections in your eyes distract you. For example, your eyes or the areas near your eyes will be reflected in the glasses; moreover, whatever is behind you can be seen through these lenses!

When you wear one of these backside AR-coated glasses, you no longer feel the awkwardness of bright light entering your eyes; as well as distracting reflections seem to disappear. It will bring you a comfortable, pleasant feeling, and you can enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

Do You Need Backside AR Coating?

As you can see the benefits this backside anti-reflective layer offers consumers, it limits "bounce-back" glare from entering your eyes. Especially those who work in direct sunlight should take advantage of these pros. Besides, the following people can also benefit from this type of coating.


A pair of sunglasses with a backside AR coating is essential for drivers. Whether it's day or night, you should still wear glasses because there will be bright sunlight in your eyes during the day, making you lose focus when driving. It can be dangerous to you. At night, the headlights of other traffic vehicles will shine into your eyes, making it difficult to see ahead of you when driving.) Therefore, backside AR-coated glasses is considered an inseparable object of frequent drivers


Those passionate about fishing or fishers in the open sea will receive various benefits from these glasses. They are directly exposed to the sun and water, which are all the causes of glare and light reflection. And, as mentioned above, glare can be very harmful to a person. Using this type of glass will help eliminate that issue.

Runner, hiker, skiers, and snowboarders

People who often do outdoor activities, such as runners, mountaineers, skiers, etc., should also buy their sunglasses with a backside anti-reflection layer because of its convenience. For example, when you walk in the rain, lenses can support what you see if the color tone is not too dark. And when you're skiing, it will limit the amount of glare reflected in the snow into your eyes, helping you to enjoy the game to the fullest.


Hopefully, "What is backside AR coating?" will be helpful to answer all your concerns. Are you satisfied with the benefits of backside anti-reflection coating? Then do not hesitate to buy yourself a pair of sunglasses with this layer; it will make you more confident when going out. 

If you have any questions regarding this covering layer, leave us a comment, we will answer all your questions.

Thanks for reading.

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