Why Do Glasses Take So Long To Make

Why Do Glasses Take So Long To Make? [Expert Answer]

Why Do Glasses Take So Long To Make?

The reason glasses take so long to make is because it's too pricey to stock lenses, buy the equipment and pay for the space and the personnel in a laboratory if it isn't very high volume. That's why the lab will only receive the lens information ahead of time of the eyeglasses frames.

How Long Does It Take Glasses To Be Made?

It usually takes around 3-7 days for glasses to be made, depending on your prescription, additional features to lens, coatings, frames, etc.

Why Do Prescription Glasses Take So Long?

Prescription glasses take so long to make because everything needs to be made from the ground up. When you order a specific frame, a lens needs to be cut to that frame. That lens needs to be from a chosen material with the correct index to suit your need. Then, you need to get a specific coating (from anti-reflective coating to mirror coating) and tint for your lens. Depends on your prescription, you might need a progressive lens shape.

After the lenses are ground and polished, the coatings are applied, and the blanks are ready, the glasses must be tailored for your frame.

Why Do Higher Prescription Glasses Can Take Even Longer?

The reason higher prescription glasses can take even longer is because the glasses needs to go through an extensive QA process. As it becomes increasingly difficult for you to tolerate those tight and stronger prescriptions, to the point where you'd be more sensitive to discover a small difference in your daily life compared to weaker prescriptions. That's why your prescription glasses needs to go through many different QA steps to make sure everything is right.

How Fast Does Costco Make Glasses?

According to their policy, for in-person pickup, Costco takes about 7 days to process your glasses. If you want your glasses to be delivered to your home, it'll take additional 7 to 14 days to ship.

Why Does It Take Two Weeks To Get My Glasses?

It takes two weeks to get your glasses because the process is long and requires a lot of attention to details. It begins by using a mold to create a large lens that more closely matches your prescription. Add any additional lens coatings, such as UV, anti-reflective, photochromic, and scratch-resistant coatings and the time it takes to deliver to your door, the whole lens-making process can take about that long.

How Long Do Walmart Glasses Take?

According to their policy, Walmarts takes about a week to deliver your glasses to you, whether you order them online or in-store. But, the delivery time can still vary. Complex prescriptions can take up to three weeks for delivery time.

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