Are Rimless Glasses In Style? Who Looks Good in Them?

Are Rimless Glasses In Style? Who Looks Good in Them?

Some people argue that rimless glasses make them look older. That's because they don't know how to choose a frameless glass shape perfect for them. The fact is that if you wear appropriate frameless glasses, you will look brighter and more fashionable.

Through this post on the topic - are rimless glasses in style? - we will give you a satisfactory answer to your query.

Are Rimless Glasses In Style?

Most people who have used frame-free glasses affirm that these bring a stylish and trendy vibe to them. 

With minimalistic and classic designs, rimless eyewear is perfect for everyday wear or even formal affairs such as weddings, year-end parties, and other social events. Don't hesitate to try, as framed spectacles won't make your outfits look out of fashion!

Frameless kind is the most ideal ever for those finding compacted glasses that suit daily wearing demands. Saying that doesn’t mean they can’t create a bold style for the wearer.

Let’s try colored lenses! They will remind you of the one-of-a-kind fashion trends in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Without rims, their weight is considerably lighter than rimmed lineups. You might hardly feel any weight when putting these glasses on. That’s why wearing them day by day will not impact your vision and eye health.

Currently, these spectacles are very popular for both men and women. They offer various unique lens shapes, including round, square, oval, or more special aviators, etc. No bounds with this type! Hence, they become a versatile and customizable choice, easily fitting with multiple face shapes.

Who Looks Good In Rimless Glasses?

Instead of being clueless about which rim shape or color will make your face more accentuated and enhance your look, rimless spectacles must be a no-brainer for you. Below are seven face shapes we believe look good when using this kind.

who looks good in rimless glasses

Round Face 

For people who have a round face, their cheeks are normally quite full, and their chin is often short and rounded. You can easily distinguish this type of shape by estimating the widths of the brow and the jaw-bone. If they are the same, it’s a round face.

When it comes to glasses for round faces, the most important thing is to add strong angles to make a face look more impressive. So, square frameless glasses are extremely suitable for round-face wearers. 

With the clear-cut rectangle shapes, these kinds completely can contrast with smooth curves. If you have a round face, wait no longer to pick one!

Triangle Face 

Contrary to the above type, this face usually has a distinct narrow jaw and a pointed chin. People who get these signs usually get a wise look, which means not being very friendly.

They should opt for eyeglasses wider than their jawline to soften these rigid lines, exemplifying round rimless glasses. If you belong to this group, why don't you give this glasses type a shot? The lines on your face will be softer and more delicate.

Heart Face

People who have the forehead being the widest part of the face, going with the long and pointed chin, it must be that they own a heart-shaped face. The typical feeling this feature brings is sweet and cheerful energy. Yet, the imbalance between forehead and chin is a shortcoming.

The square rimless eyeglasses help to create light and shadow areas suitably for the whole aspect. Then, lead the gaze of the opposite person to focus your eyes! This way, your appearance will look more natural.  

Diamond Face 

A diamond face is similar to a heart-shaped face, with fuller cheekbones and a pointed chin. However, the width of this face's hairline is usually narrower. For those who have this face, their overall appearance seems to be incredibly elegant and fashionable. 

If you are the same, you are extremely lucky. With these excellent lines, it is so easy to choose any no-border glasses to suit your face. Yet, square frameless spectacles will upgrade your look better.

Oval Face

The oval face is considered a standard of beauty. This is also the most common face shape that you can easily catch up with anywhere. 

With a natural balance and the chin's soft curve, it is usually suitable for many kinds of rimless spectacle stylish. But the oval pair of glasses will be the better choice because it doesn’t shape your appearance oblong.

Rectangle Face

The rectangular face shape is the combination of the oval or long face and square jaw. The overall length is considerably larger than the width, and the distances between the forehead, cheeks, and jawline are the same.

The oval frameless eyewear will be ideal for balancing the appearance. This is because they make the angles on your face look softer and create the fullness of both face sides.

Square Face 

Let's take a ruler and do a little measure test! If the widths of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are equal, you have a square face shape. Normally, going with this type is a sharp jawline. 

To make the facial features more harmonious, blur it away by wearing round rimless glasses. This way, your appearance will look softer and more slight than ever.

The Pros And Cons Of Rimless Glasses

Similar to other glass lineups, frameless eyewear also has its pros and cons. Read some lines below to determine whether this style of glasses is right for you or not!


Lightweight: The material of the lenses is thin, light, advanced polycarbonate. This is not the same as one of the lenses you may be used to. 

Infinite-ability lenses: The frameless spectacles give a variety of models. No limitations or restrictions appear regarding both the size and shape of lenses.

Less noticeable: No edge lenses will give you the feeling like you put on no spectacle on your face. Meanwhile, it still satisfies your visual demands without paying any attention to the opposite person.

No barrier appears within your eyesight: Designed with no frames - that's why nothing can impede your vision.

Fashionable and elegant: Every kind of rimless eyeglasses will somehow indicate the wearer's style. Regardless of which face shape you own, you can show your unique features with the no-border design. 


Fragile linkage: The rimless glasses are easily broken as there is no frame supporting your eyewear lenses.

High price: While creating normal eyewear requires high technique, meticulousness, and time, making rimless ones needs twice the time and effort from creators because of its demand for details and subtleness.

Hard repair: If you tighten the screws where the hinge and the lens link too much, you may damage the lenses.

Why Do People Like Wearing Rimless Glasses?

are rimless glasses in style

There are lots of reasons why most people prefer to use rimless glasses. First, they bring a classy and modern aesthetic for the wearer. Though they first came out in the 1800s, these styles of lenses have never been outdated. Contact lenses' birth was like a revolution in the eyewear world until many later years, but it still did not shake rimless spectacles' position in fashion lover hearts.

Also, they are considered as the savior of bookish people. Due to their very lightweight, they are no longer annoyed when constantly adjusting their bulky pair of frame glasses throughout reading hours.

Not only myopic glasses, but frameless ones also have a diversity of tinted sunglasses. Thanks to their unique designs and colors, they attract a lot of attention from fashionistas. Both males and females can feel free to mix and match these spectacles with every kind of clothing, such as jumpsuits, dresses, etc.

Are Rimless Glasses Comfortable? 

Using frameless glasses is more comfortable than having framed styles. 

The most convenient point we have to mention is that they do not hurt your ears or nose. Indeed, they are not heavy enough to put any pressure on your face. 

The temples wrap around your ears and the side of your head is not too tight. Therefore, you can wear them all day long without worrying about scratches or marks.

Aside from that, they are appropriate for all skin types, even with oily ones. Due to their rubber nose pads, they are quite difficult to slip off. Regardless of how long you put them on, you never see any weird indentations existing on the bridge of your nose.

Bottom Line

Have you undoubtedly reached in-depth information about the topic until these last lines - are rimless glasses in style? We can conclude that no-edge spectacles are not only trendy but can also become your visual assistants. 

Hopefully, our post is a helpful reference for you to find the most suitable glasses! Also, stay tuned to update more useful posts from us!

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