Why Do My Glasses Hurt My Ears? [Expert Answer]

Why Do My Glasses Hurt My Ears?

Most of the time, the reason why your glasses hurt your ears is wearing glasses with incorrect adjustments. We have a very unique shape of head, and our glasses need to be tailored to fit us perfectly. Also, sometimes, you can feel pain behind your ears due to the size of the frames.

Can Wearing Glasses Cause Pain Behind Ears?

Wearing glasses can cause pain behind ears. There are a few reasons why your glasses can cause that. Your glasses might be too heavy or improperly adjusted or simply be ill-suited to your face. Taking your glasses to an eye care specialist may result in the diagnosis of your issue.

How Do I Stop My Glasses From Hurting My Ears?

To stop your glasses from hurting your ears, you should go with thin frames that will likely reduce the pressure on your ears. If your ears hurt due to your glasses, apply baby powder behind your ears to reduce friction and eliminate any possible moisture that causes irritation.

How Long Does It Take for Your Ears To Get Used to New Glasses?

Typically, it'll take two to three days (at most a week) for your ears to get used to new glasses. The adjustment period can be frustrating, but you can rest assured that it'll end eventually.

How Can I Make My Glasses More Comfortable?

To make your glasses more comfortable, you should:

1. Make sure your frames fit properly

Ill-fitting glasses can cause a lot of discomfort including slipping frames, pinching nose bridges, and much more.

2. Ensure your prescription is correct

Incorrect prescription can lead to headaches or eye strain

3. Clean your glasses regularly

Dirty glasses is not only annoying to wear but also lead to eye strain and headaches

4. Use a lens coating

Adding lens coating can help with eye fatigue in everyday use

Is It Normal for New Glasses To Hurt Your Ears?

It's not normal for new glasses to hurt your ears. Your new glasses could be too tight on your ears or you're allergic to the material. But, it doesn't matter what the reason is, you need to go to the nearest optical store so they can find a balance between style and material for your glasses.

How Do You Loosen Glasses Behind Your Ears?

To loosen glasses behind your ears, you can try placing your glasses into a bowl of warm water for at least 30 to 60 seconds. Holding an outward and upward squeeze against the temple, be sure to do it cautiously to obtain an energized fit behind your ears.

How Tight Should Glasses Fit?

Your optimally-fitted glasses should only cause a slight amount of pressure behind your ears, keeping your glasses from sliding down the nose.

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