Bump On Nose From Glasses: What It Is & How To Prevent

Bump On Nose From Glasses: What It Is & How To Prevent

Bumps and bruises on the nose are not only common, but can also be caused by glasses. Here is what you need to know about them, and how to prevent them.

What Do You Call a Bump on Nose From Wearing Glasses?

Acanthoma fissuratum is the medical term for what's commonly known as a 'bumps on nose.' It's a rare condition that occurs in people who regularly wear glasses; it presents as a growth, nodule, or papule with raised edges where the spectacle frame touches the skin.

Can Wearing Glasses for a Long Time Cause Bumps on Nose?

Wearing glasses for a long time does not cause bumps on the nose, just temporary marks. Scratches on the facial skin caused by prolonged use of glasses are merely temporary on the vertical walls of the nose where your glasses do their thing.

Are Nose Marks From Glasses Permanent?

Nose marks from glasses can be permanent. The marks left by the frame of your glasses become black spots on both sides of the nose if not taken care of correctly. So make sure to clean it in time before it gets set in.

What Glasses Don't Leave Marks on Nose?

Lightweight glasses, such as rimless titanium glasses or nylon frame glasses, don't leave any marks on the nose. The easiest way to minimize the marks on the nose is to select a frame with smaller lenses and a minimalistic design such as the bridge or the temples.

How to Get Rid of Nose Marks from Wearing Glasses?

1. Massaging Your Nose

If, as a result of wear to your spectacles, your nose pads leave behind marks on your skin, as well as you can t physically adjust the bridge yourself, massaging the irritated area can help reduce the discomfort.

To prevent additional irritation, you can use a moisturizer on your skin but be careful of area around your eyes which is especially sensitive. For optimal results, you should choose something unscented and approved by a dermatologist. Keeping the skin supple and healthy should make you feel more comfortable in the future.

2. Adjusting the Frames

Most often, the reason for eyeglasses having marks on your nose is an improper fit.

If you want to alleviate the discomfort caused by your glasses, it is most effective to adjust the nose bridge or contact arms. Adjusting your glasses by yourself is not recommended though as it could lead to irreparable damage to the frames. Your optician will be well capable of doing this for you without needing to worry out any damage to your glasses.

3. Replacing the Frames

If all else fails, it might be time for a new pair of frames. Heavy glasses will generally leave behind noticeable marks.

Perhaps consider purchasing a pair of thin-shaped or rimless spectacles with their easy style means much less strain on the nose bridge. Or perhaps if you're a fan of thicker eyewear, a firm frame will be more comforting since it will distribute the tension more evenly instead of focusing on a single point.

4. Keeping Your Face Clean

Make it a habit to use facial wipes and oil removers to remove makeup from your face and glasses on a regular basis. Prolonged exposure to oil, makeup, and dust on that area can make your skin irritated.

5. Switching Glasses

If you have an extra pair of glasses on hand, make it a habit every now and then to switch between them. Changing between the pairs with nose pads and those without a solid frame may help give some breathing space to your skin. Additionally, wiping those glasses regularly in humid weather or after exercise to prevent nose print from appearing.

6. Use Moisturizer

Like various parts of your skin, your nose needs the help of a moisturizer. Preventing dryness will prevent your skin from developing ugly red marks.


In conclusion, if you are experiencing a bump on your nose from your glasses, it is likely due to a combination of factors including the shape of your nose and the glasses themselves. if you are experiencing a bump on your nose from your glasses, try the methods mentioned above to see if it alleviates the problem. If the problem persists, see a doctor for more advice.

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