How To Get Hairspray Off Glasses: What To Use?

How To Get Hairspray Off Glasses: What To Use?

You may wonder how to get hairspray off glasses whenever this problem occurs. This issue often happens to almost everyone, and it can cause so many annoyances, such as leaving unaesthetic stains on your glasses or permanent damages. 

Depending on how sticky the hairspray is and how long it glues on your glasses, we have multiple ways to remove it. Each solution has different effectiveness levels, and some of them work well with your hairspray and glasses. 

Now, take a look at some solutions below to find out the best ways to remove hairspray stains on glasses!

How To Get Hairspray Off Glasses

Synthetic vinegar

This is the first solution, also the simplest one. Synthetic vinegar is well-known for its effective detergency, which can quickly remove stains on items. Follow the following instructions to get rid of hairspray and protect your glasses.

Firstly, pour a small amount of synthetic vinegar into the glass. Use a  cotton cloth to rub the glass's surface until the hairspray disappears. Remember to choose a soft cloth to ensure it won't scratch the lenses. 

Next, you use a soft dry cloth to clean the glass. The stubborn hairspray will fade away quickly because vinegar is a strong acidic chemical. This method will be worth your try as you don't need to worry that the liquid will cause streaks on the lenses. 

You can use any synthetic vinegar brands you've already had inside your home. It doesn't affect the result at all. A vodka is also a suitable option if you don't have synthetic vinegar. Follow the same guidelines when using vodka instead.

Liquid fabric softener

Another method that can work efficiently with hairspray is fabric softener. Make sure you buy it in a liquid form. You need to follow the exact amount of liquid fabric softener. Pour a proportion of 1:3 of fabric softener into the water. 

Put a small quantity of this combination on the glass and rub it. Using a soft fabric is advisable as it helps you to get rid of the spray faster. Finally, wipe your glasses with a dry soft towel to make them dry totally. There are many fabric softener brands that you can purchase to try this method, yet just use the one placed in your house; it's fine too.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a popular way to remove dirt, stains, and anything that sticks to clothes, mirrors, and more. And, it can do wonders in removing hairspray from your eyeglasses, too. To apply this method, first, you put one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol into a can, cup, or any small container. Next, soak a side of a cotton ball into this liquid. Use this solvent-dipped side to rub the sprayed area of the lenses to erase any stubborn stains of the hairspray. Keep rubbing until you have eliminated those marks off your glasses.

Then, wipe the glasses with a clean and dry towel. Remember to use a lint-free cloth to remove any alcohol residue and protect the glass from scratches. 

Ultimately, check the surface whether it still has sprays left or not. If it does, repeat all these steps until the hardest stains fade away.

Cleaning solution

With the most stubborn and challenging hairspray, you may think about purchasing a cleaning solution that can deal with this problem efficiently. This solution is often recommended when you're stuck with removing durable stains. 

In the market, there is a wide variety of cleaning products with active ingredients. However, we suggest choosing the organic types. They are not only user-friendly, safe for your health but also eco-friendly for the environment. If you use them for a long time, there will be no dangerous effects.

These GMO-free products still contain effective chemical components that are able to efficiently take the spray and other stains away from the glass. So, why don't you consider buying one for yourself?

Professional Care

If all of the solutions above are unable to deal with the hairspray left on your glasses, it's time to look for professional care. A professional cleaner will provide you with high-quality tools and understand how many chemicals need to be applied to handle these stains. You can stay at home, call them to come across your house and clean all the glasses. 

Obviously, home service will cost more than if you bring your glass directly to the shop. But we're sure that this kind of service is so convenient for those who are frequently busy. With professional care, your problem will be washed away!


Above are some solutions that we've recommended on how to get hairspray off glasses. Each of them will have different effectivenesses, so you can try as many as possible and choose the one that suits best for you. Hopefully, you find this article helpful to find out the best method to remove stubborn hairspray stains off your glasses.

Best luck with your work. Thank you for reading.

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