How To Remove The Printed Logo From Eyeglass Lens?

How To Remove The Printed Logo From Eyeglass Lens?

Are you tired of looking at the printed logo on your eyeglass lenses? If yes, it's time to get rid of it. This article will teach you how to remove the printed logo from eyeglass lenses without damaging them. Indeed this process will save money, and you do not have to buy new ones. Now, let's get started!

Should I Remove The Logo On My Glasses’ Lenses Before I Wear Them?

Remember, the logo should permanently be removed before you wear your glasses. The removal of this marking will provide better vision and make everything look clearer with a more authentic lens appearance while wearing them. 

Otherwise, it could appear that the demo or "try-on" lenses are being used and not actual eyeglasses. They should only serve in place of normal corrective eyewear when trying something out for fit/appearance purposes.

You have to check it before leaving the store to make sure you have had your lens replaced. However, be aware that some logo removal may be difficult unless they are peel-off stickers or paint with adhesive on it and can't easily come off by yourself for home use - so ask someone who can do this professionally.  

How To Remove The Printed Logo From Eyeglass Lenses?

How to remove the printed logo from eyeglass lenses

What if you have accidentally brought home eyeglass lenses with a printed logo on them? Don’t worry; this section can walk you through all the steps needed to remove that annoying logo. 


Don't let the brand name on your demo eyeglasses keep you from getting a new pair. If it says "Demo," that means they're available for try-on and are not sold as functioning frames yet! With some patience, removing logos is just a piece of cake - here's what you'll need:

  • Cotton swab
  • Face mask and goggle
  • Acetone or acetone-based nail polish remover.


Step 1: Be mindful of safety when cleaning your sunglasses. Before you begin, make sure that the lenses are clean and free from any obstructions by removing them first. Place a cloth over each eyepiece while getting out nail polish remover ready.

Step 2: Soak one end of your cotton swab with acetone.

When removing a stubborn logo, be sure to rub the end of your cotton swab across it in circles. If necessary, you can also swirl around for more stubborn logos and smack against them until they come off! For those that resist even this drastic measure, please do not give up. Keep applying our acetone so we may rid ourselves of these annoyances once and for all. 

Step 3:  It is important to note that once we have removed the logo, it's best not to touch any of your sample lenses until after waiting for at least five minutes. When you see that all of your sample lenses have dried and are clear without any residue left on them from where they were exposed in an acetone solution and cleaned off with soap if needed.

If you don't have any acetone, light-weight gasoline, or even alcohol can work as a substitute for the chemical found in most nail polish remover. 


A logo removed from a lens usually leaves a discoloration or a hazy region behind. You may not want to delete the branding if it is prominently displayed on the lens.

Several lens marks are not recommended to remove because safety glasses are engraved on their frame and inlaid into each lens. They provide a way for you to verify that your newly-purchased lenses meet all relevant standards, including those pertaining specifically to eye protection.

  • Lenses should be washed and dried.
  • Soak cotton swabs with denatured alcohol.

Be extra careful when you’re using acetone. It's a really strong chemical and can damage your lenses, so use protection like gloves or an eye-massage machine! You should also make sure the material of each lens is well suited for chemicals such as this one - some brands might not be able to withstand their effects, while others will have different properties in terms of how they react with different cleaners.

How Do You Remove Print From Plastic Lenses?

You might have mastered how to remove print on glass lenses, then what about plastic lenses? Many would think that it’s no different from glass lenses and they can solve the problem by using acetone-based nail polish remover. Well, they’re absolutely wrong. 

Acetone will damage your plastic lenses. That’s why in this case, we’ll introduce an alternative to nail polish remover, which is alcohol. 


  • Alcohol (denatured or alcohol wipe)
  • Cotton swab (in case you choose denatured alcohol)


Step 1: Whether you choose the above or this method, do wash and dry your lenses beforehand. Remember to put on your gloves and mask to prevent further damages to yourselves.

Step 2: There’re two different methods to carry out this step:

  • Soak your cotton swab with denatured alcohol, use that soaked end to erase the print on your lenses. Use more alcohol by soaking the swab more in the process if needed.
  • Use an alcohol wipe to gently wipe out the print.

Step 3: When you see there’s no print left on the lenses’ surface, clean the lenses with water to eliminate the remaining alcohol.

Final Thoughts

The process is fairly simple whether you have a logo on the side of your glasses or remove it for aesthetics. You will need a few mentioned things above to complete this task. At the end of this article, we hope you now know how to remove the printed logo from eyeglass lenses before wearing them.

If there is anything else that we can help with, feel free to contact us at any time.

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